Lonely C
Charles Levine, also known as Lonely C, is an American DJ, producer, musician and artist born in Boston, who came of age during the 90’s rave days. He is co-founder of the music group Soul Clap with partner Eli Goldstein. Referring to his group Soul Clap , The BBC once wrote "they blend neon-splattered nostalgia with a crisp futurism thanks to their experimental production techniques.” Levine also releases work under his solo aliases Charlie Soul Clap and Lonely C, including the 2018 debut LP “Charles & Tribulations" which coincided with a live tour dates in select US cities led by NYC based co-producer and keyboard wizard Morgan Wiley. Connected to the art direction of this album, Levine showcased 5+ years of polaroid photography that have since had gallery appearances alongside well established fine artists, as well as have been exhibited in music festivals with around the US.