Previously sold at Showfields

DADA Daily

The Most Interesting daily lifestyle brand offering guilt-free indulgences with mindfully-crafted snacks & experiential tableware.

The Brand’s Mission

DADA is about breaking the rules. Challenging...WHAT a snack brand should be. WHERE a snack should be eaten.WHY snacks should elevate the ordinary. We are about bringing DECADENCE to the table; transporting you from the DESK to the DINNER PARTY. Decadence that is GUILT-FREE, MINDFULLY CRAFTED, and truly GOOD FOR YOU. Inspired by the DADA ART MOVEMENT, we are REBELLING against the status quo. Who says decadence is occasional? We say MAKE DECADENCE A RITUAL. ELEVATE YOUR SNACKING MOMENT. DADA. DAILY DECADENCE.
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