Bob Cooley
Bob Cooley has worked for three decades as a photojournalist, working with a range of publications from LIFE magazine, to The Associated Press to hundreds of magazines and newspapers, documenting what seems like every side of the human condition. He has never seen a year like 2020. In a year of a pandemic, major civil and cultural changes, a politically polarized citizenry, the range of emotions and challenges faced by everyone, together and individually were incredible in a year that has been complex by so many standards, we are still trying to make some sense of it collectively. In his daily walks around the city, and in the course of journalism assignments, Cooley watched it transform from one of the busiest places on earth to, overnight, seemingly a ghost-town with over 8 million residents staying inside the majority of the time. Then slowly, day by day, watched it come back to life. Into what, we aren’t quite certain yet. He will continue this series, documenting life daily until together, we discover what the ‘new normal’ looks like.