Beth Coller
Beth Coller is a Los Angeles based photographer, who generally specializes in portraits and interiors. For the past five months, since this pandemic has begun, being outdoors is really the only place where cooler has felt any bit of normalcy. She can enjoy the summer weather, get some exercise, and not have to think so much about what she is touching or how far 6ft actually is. For many people , since travel has become limited, our national parks have become a place to escape to. This image was made at Arches National Park in Utah, before there was Covid, quarantine, and masks. When Coller reflects upon this photograph now, it makers her think about how much has changed and she misses that time, when she felt safe.
Beth Coller


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Hat Hare Company Pop-Up
Customization and styling consultations
2/13 + 2/14
12 pm - 9 pm
Hat Hare Company has become one of the buzziest local fashion items in Miami. Making one-of-a-kind custom hats, her fedoras are objets d’art and coveted by the chic and trendy throughout the city. For the first time, founder Destin will do a pop-up workshop, giving personal consultations about ideas for their hats, creating pieces that will express the identity and style of the owner.