Growing up in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact, was one of the main factors that has molded Nneka Jones into the artist she is today. Her astounding love for color and special attention to detail, as influenced by her culture, have always been prominent throughout her artistic journey. ​

The twenty-four-year old artist has graduated with a BFA and minor in Marketing from the University of Tampa in May 2020. One of her most recent achievement was a commission from TIME magazine to produce the cover artwork for the August 31st/ September 7th issue 2020. The artist is now speaking at events like Adobe MAX, inspiring others by sharing how she turned her doubts, into dreams, and made those dreams into reality. She uses her artwork as a tool to speak out against social injustices that are overlooked in everyday life and have viewers stop and internalize the messages within her pieces. ​

She quotes, “There is the artwork, the meaning behind the artwork and the story that the artwork tells.” She believes that her artistic journey has only just begun and she is eager to explore her creative purpose in life, to reach her ultimate goal of being an internationally renowned artist.