Attention Emerging Collectors!
Be Part of The Cultural Conversation With Maria Brito

Maria Brito inserts her clients into the world of contemporary art by curating collections and designing spaces that truly reflect who each collector is and their unique sensibilities. The aim is to develop dialogues that make collectors strong participants, not mere bystanders.

Aligned with SHOWFIELDS’ core mission, Maria Brito works with individuals and corporations who appreciate being a part of the cultural conversation. She uses her resources to help create a more expansive definition of contemporary art: by building collections, creating art-centered rooms, developing editorial pieces, commissioning one-of-a-kind installations, or designing limited-edition products in partnership with top artists.

The unique aesthetics of Maria Brito’s curation foster ideas, special environments and moments attached to meaningful pieces. She creates worlds and havens with and within the context of contemporary art. The artworks that she selects have transcendent power and long-term appeal.

For SHOWFIELDS E-Commerce, Maria selected artworks by 4 emerging female artists catered to the up and coming collector.

Egle Zvirblyte:
Egle Zvirblyte creates bright, punchy and irreverent work that melts your heart, kicks your butt and tickles your funny bone. She explores themes of humanism, identity, love, and female power that are of uttermost relevance to this generation.

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Anisa Makhoul:
Anisa Makhoul's pieces create a sense of optimism and prosperity in the world. Her abstract geometric and colorful backgrounds are harmoniously juxtaposed with contemporary and uplifting still life that celebrates quotidian moments.

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Amber Vittoria:
Amber Vittoria's pieces focus on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as overtly extended limbs and rounded features. Her full-blown female characters strike quirky poses, are full of colour and life, and challenge gender stereotypes and force us to rethink how we see the female form.

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