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YoYo Lander is an autodidactict painter living and working in Los Angeles, CA. YoYo’s visions emanate from all that surrounds her. YoYo’s work explores unconventional color palettes, bold color contrasts, and womanhood.

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Location: Los Angeles, California 

Exhibitions and Awards: YoYo Lander completed her  BA at Howard University and went on to complete her MFA at UCLA. Since then she has exhibited widely,  with solo shows throughout California and group exhibitions in LA, Atlanta, and Sweden. Her work has been commissioned by the likes of Beth Rudin De Woody, HBO's Insecure, and Kaiser Permanente. 


YoYo's aesthetic is visceral and expressive. What begins with a strictly defined intent, composition and color scheme is rarely visible in the finished piece. Layers of cut and dyed watercolor paper are strategically places over rough sketches. YoYo creates her interpretations using personal photographs and stories from women as her inspiration. The figurative artwork enjoins a conversation between itself and it’s audience regarding joy, identity, sisterhood and community 

"LEGACY" // 12" X 18" - SHOWFIELDS
"LEGACY" // 12" X 18" - SHOWFIELDS

"LEGACY" // 12" X 18"