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PJ Linden employs pointillistic layers of acrylic and dimensional fabric paint to create aposematic 'pelts', creating hallucinogenic matter by transmuting patterns and textures found in nature.

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Location: PA, NY

Exhibitions and Awards: PJ Linden (Born 1985 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) PJ Linden is a New York City and Pennsylvania based fine artist known for her abstract, three dimensional work. She paints with machine-like precision, creating microscopic patterns on found objects, fashion, and technology. Linden has collaborated with and created pieces for Miley Cyrus, KidRobot, Norma Kamali, The CFDA, Alife, Sharon Needles, Pearl Liaison, Samsung and Swarovski. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Cultured Magazine and more. She has shown alongside art heavyweights such as Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf, and has exhibited at The Hole Gallery, The Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Reverse Space, Superchief Gallery, Art Basel Miami, The Museum of Sex, and The Museum of Ice Cream.


Linden alternates between a fine tip and needle to paint with pin-point precision, achieving a raised, relief-like effect. Reminiscent of embossment and neo-pointillism, the technique used to create 'Nipple Ballet' is triple layered acrylic and dimensional fabric paint.

"Nipple Ballet" // 12" x 12" - SHOWFIELDS
"Nipple Ballet" // 12" x 12" - SHOWFIELDS
"Nipple Ballet" // 12" x 12" - SHOWFIELDS

"Nipple Ballet" // 12" x 12"