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Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama started birding in 2017. They were so fascinated by all these different species of birds living around us which people are not aware about. They decided to share the beauty and significance of these birds with the people through their art. The pair took up this challenge of making highly
detailed birds every single day and in a miniature size so that it creates more curiosity for the viewers and engage them in learning more about the birds.

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Location: India

Exhibitions and Awards: Nayan & Vaishali  are an artistic duo that combine their separate skills to create detailed, beautiful pieces of art. They have displayed in New York, India and Philadelphia. 


These are miniature paper cut layered artworks made completely by hand and painted with watercolors. These artworks are part of their 1000 days of miniature art series  which they have been doing  since 2018 as a way to spread awareness about wildlife and nature.

"Harpy Eagle" // 8" x 8" - SHOWFIELDS
"Harpy Eagle" // 8" x 8" - SHOWFIELDS
"Harpy Eagle" // 8" x 8" - SHOWFIELDS

"Harpy Eagle" // 8" x 8"