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At the core of her art practice, Marryam aims to empower and uplift the black body, especially the black female body. Unveiling the magic within this race of people breaks collective contemporary stereotypes. Thus, changing attitudes and perceptions of black women, allowing society to discover her beauty and value, and to appreciate and celebrate her.

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia 

Exhibitions and Awards: MARRYAM MOMA (b 1984) Lives and works in Atlanta GA. in 2005 she received her BA in Architecture from Bachelor of Architecture Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA. She has exhibited around the US and has pieces placed in private collections. In 2019 Moma was commissioned in by National Night Out with DASHBOARD and City of Atlanta, BLOOM Public Art Installation, as well as participated in a residency program through TILA STUDIOS x Tracy Murrell ArtSelected


For Moma, each collage begins with a premise. It is sometimes inspired by treasured memories, history, societal views or simply an evocative piece of paper. Emboldened by the study of architecture, nature, fashion, music, and culture, she creates collages within a rigorous subtractive process that is layered, detailed, and textured raw and earthy yet minimalist. Like a mystery, the composition evolves one piece at a time. Her work aims to raise awareness that sparks discussions around traveling back into the higher self through racial reconciliation and gender equality. She ultimately hope to create a space in which the black body is celebrated.

"Self Mastery" // 12 x 12 - SHOWFIELDS
"Self Mastery" // 12 x 12 - SHOWFIELDS

"Self Mastery" // 12 x 12