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Jessica Spence is a Jamaican-American artist whose work is inspired by her life, and topics relating to black female identity.  She creates lighthearted paintings that often depict topics related to real life experiences, specifically black womanhood, and societal beauty ideals.

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia 

Exhibitions and Awards: Jessica Spence has a BA in Studio Art and recently completed her MA in Art Education at Lehman College in the Bronx. Her work has been exhibited at throughout New York, including a exhibition at the Casita Maria Gallery, Bronx, NY, and a solo exhibition at the The Gallery at the14th Street Y, New York, NY. 


Spence's focus on the reality of black girlhood is evident in this work. It features the back of a little black girls head, focusing on her intricate hairstyle. In this work little girls childhood innocence remains intact, along with her anonymity. She could be anyone. Spence gives her portrait the space to exist outside the viewers knowledge, instead we can only identity her from her braids and barrettes. 

Braids and Barrettes - SHOWFIELDS
Braids and Barrettes - SHOWFIELDS

Braids and Barrettes