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Jason Chen creates works that are a simultaneous exploration of insecurity and duality. They are inspired by his experience as an immigrant and rediscovering his identity after years of conforming to American societal standards in order to feel less like an outsider. Although he now calls America home, he can’t help but still feel unwelcome during difficult times in this country. This pushes him to create.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA

Exhibitions and Awards: Originally from Guangzhou, China, Jason Chen is now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jason. He received his BFA in Animation from the University of Arts in 2008. He has exhibited in multiple spaces, including  Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Trust Gallery, and Commerce Square. Jason's work has been included in various publications including Hi-Fructose and Colossal 


Jason believes a physical connection to the materials adds a layer of personality to the work, even if it has flaws.The artwork itself is cut and woven by hand.He uses the weaving process to deconstruct and reconstruct images to create a sense of time and movement. For Jason, these works have the ability to transport viewers. Almost as if, if now stands at just the right angle, they can gaze into the sliver between two parallel universes to see the distortion of time and motion. 

Unconscious Mind - SHOWFIELDS
Unconscious Mind - SHOWFIELDS

Unconscious Mind