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Elisa Valenti evokes a very personal interpretation of beauty, strength, and vulnerability. Though a combination of drawing or painting, her full-figured women come to life on the canvas. The varying flesh tones used in her signature style make each figure seem as if it could be any woman and indeed many of her viewers see themselves in her work.

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Location: New York City

Exhibitions and Awards: Elisa Valenti is a self-taught painter. She studied fine arts and art history at the High School of Art & Design in New York City and holds her Doctorate of Pharmacy from St. John’s University. Elisa has been featured in PxP Contemporary, Art4Equality Benefit Exhibit, The Untitled Space Gallery, Tribeca, The Other Art Fair, On Center Gallery, Hannaford Galleries and Superfine! Fair, amongst others.


Strong conceptual mental health and self esteem issues layered beneath the the appealing color palettes, botanical features, and feminine This painting shows that full figured REAL women are strong, beautiful and confident.