We created Homebody.

A company that designs and manufactures furnishings that perpetuate a higher form of comfort.

We’re furniture veterans with decades of experience in the industry. Most of us literally grew up in furniture factories, watching production lines, and playing with swatches. Ah, the good old days.

But we also care about the environment. 

We’re not going to say we’re creating 100% sustainable furniture — it’s super-difficult, if not impossible. But we’re trying our best, implementing environmentally-conscious practices here and there to make a difference when we can.

Crafted for Ultimate Comfort and Convenience. Experience the Comfort of a Homebody Couch. Stain-Resistant, Comfortable and Stylish. Modular Design for Your Perfect Fit. In-Stock & Ready to Ship. Quick Ship Couches. Styles: Velvet, Linen, Pet-Friendly.

- Founders Michael Zhao & Shuang Liang

Michael Zhao & Shuang Liang

What problem is your brand solving? 

Homebody provides total comfort without compromising on design or values. Our careful craftsmanship and modular design enable Homebody to evolve with your life. It can always be expanded or rearranged; reconfiguring takes only 5 minutes. So often you see people just giving away a couch or recliner, it will not fit in their home or their partner objects to it. With Homebody, this is never going to happen. It was designed to support your life. I think of comfort holistically - it is physical and mental. The recliner allows countless positions for comfort. To let you relax mentally, the fabric is stain resistant and there are no hard edges. You will never worry about an accidental spill or turning into a hard edge.

What initially motivated you to launch Homebody? 

My parents make furniture and I grew up spending time in their factories. Studying every step of the manufacturing process has always fascinated me. I have been thinking about creating furniture that represents my tastes and values since childhood. As a teenager, I was already challenging product designers about their choices. To make my vision a reality, I had to create my own company. No one could envision a seamless modular recliner. Especially one that was truly comfortable and sustainably sourced. 

What sets your brand apart from other competitors? 

The seamless recliner. You literally cannot tell what seat it is and it only needs 2” of backspace yet reclines 140°. Until Homebody, having a recliner meant sacrificing space and aesthetics for comfort. It was a difficult choice. Customers thank us because they can finally allow a recliner into their home. 

When designing your collections/products, where do you draw inspiration from?

Until I created Homebody, I was literally never comfortable. Now I am always trying to think of how Homebody can make me more comfortable. What would make the experience even better? How can I make you look forward to hanging out on your couch even more.

Thinking back to when you started Homebody, what do you wish you knew that would have made launching easier? 

Everyone wishes they could predict the most popular colors and how popular they will be. Our goal has always been for people to receive their Homebody in 3-4 weeks. We hope to achieve this by the end of the year.

What is the KEY item everyone needs from your brand?

Start with a recliner and add seats - either additional recliners or fixed seats. The configurations and options are limitless. 

Are there any new products you are super excited about (or any new updates from your brand you want to share)? 

We are super excited about our recliner’s Headrest Pillow. With comfort, more is more. The recliner headrest is adjustable. When you extend it, the angles really multiply. By adding a headrest pillow, there are now even more positions to recline, read, watch tv… 

What is your superpower? 

Making people comfy!