6 Unique Female-Founded Brands to Keep on Your Radar - Spring 2021

Here at SHOWFIELDS, our goal is to engage and inspire your sense of discovery through out-of-the-box brands, stories, art, & talent.

SHOWFIELDS recently spotlighted female-owned businesses that are creating waves and inspiring the next in our Women on a Mission to WOW campaign in March. Although International Women’s month is officially celebrated once a year, we believe in supporting women every single day.

Each and everyday, women are fiercely and independently launching their own businesses and brands. To honor and recognize female impact on today's society, we curated a list of brands across fashion, wellness, and culinary avenues. 

Whether you’re looking to amp up your lifestyle, add to your self-care routine, or are on the lookout for eccentric brands or artist, you can turn to our shop-able guide and support this diverse group of female-owned businesses.


Pattern Beauty was founded by Tracee Ellis Ross in an effort to celebrate all-natural hair types. They have a range of products all designed to enhance your natural hair type and not tame or relax them in any way. Pattern Beauty also regularly donates to organizations that support women and people of color. Shop our favorite products from the collection here.


Based in Barcelona, Delicious and Sons is a sustainable food company that supports small producers and thrives off their passion for Mediterranean Cuisine. If you’re looking to switch up your palette, Delicious and Sons offers a complete range of authentic Mediterranean dips, spreads, sauces, pestos, condiments, and glazes that are easy to use and ready to eat. Their motto? Is to take pleasure in the little things while helping yourself and helping our planet. Discover more from the collection here.


Are you looking to re-vamp your summer wardrobe but shop ethically at the same time? Look no further; Gaâla is a sustainable fashion brand that was founded by the powerful husband and wife duo of Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezko. This brand combines two worlds of French aesthetics and Belarusian craftsmanship all while highlighting the concept of up cycling.

Gaâla creates beautiful and timeless designs that are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. Shop our favorite pieces from the collection here.


Created to de-bunk the idea of “one-size-fits-all” vitamins, Rootine focuses on personalized nutrition plans and supplements using your DNA and blood level data. It’s simple: visit their website, take the quiz, and add your personal data. While you sit back and wait for your customized vitamins, the team at Rootine work behind the scenes to analyze your genetic data and determine exactly what nutrient and dosage go into your daily micro-bead pack. Read more about Rootine and its mission here.


Adama Delphine Fawundu is a visual artist and photographer born in Brooklyn, NYC. With over 15 years of experience, Fawundu uses different outlets such as photography and printmaking as an artistic release, thus igniting conversations about collective memory, culture, history, stereotypes and different perspective. Her art can be found in the private and public collections such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Historical Society, The Norton Museum of Art, Corridor Art Gallery, The David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland and The Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. You can read more about Adama Delphine Fawundu and her art here.