June 24, 2021
Celebrate Pride 2021 With Us!

Come Celebrate Pride 2021 With Us!

As we all raise our rainbow flags, wear our colorful ensembles, and bathe in an abundant amount of love and support- taking a step back and recognizing why June is Pride Month should be at the top of our lists. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)- Pride Month is currently celebrated each year this month to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. Many events are held this month to recognize the impact the LGBTQ community has had on the world. From glamorous parades to educational services, Pride month is filled with days of joy, color, and honor. 

NYC is gearing up for the famous Pride parade that will take place on June 27th. After last year's Pride was celebrated indoors- everyone has been anticipating the feeling of marching for love down the streets of the Big Apple. This year's theme is set on the foundation of determination; "The Fight Continues," is significant to everything our community has faced as a whole and Pride 2021 is all about continuing the fight for love, justice, equality, and of course the history behind it all. 

SHOWFIELDS also believes in sustaining the fight by standing strong and honoring the LGBTQ community on a daily bases by spotlighting brands with queer founders, missions, & products every single day. SHOWFIELDS partners with emerging artists, businesses, and people with strong missions and this month, we are especially highlighting some of the most interesting LGBTQ brands you can support this Pride and beyond. 

This year, SHOWFIELDS' took advantage of this month of Pride and dedicated several events that brought people together to pay tribute and honor the idea that "love is love."

Along with exploring LGBTQ brands and artists in our store located in SoHo, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves into Pride dedicated events taking place right in SHOWFIELDS. Read more about our upcoming Pride occasions below and discover some emerging LGBTQ brands that are pushing for positive change along the way. 

BioGlitz x ILYSM.

Taking place on June 27th, SHOWFIELDS is presenting BioGlitz x ILYSM.

A complimentary Glitzing Station by BioGlitz x ILYSM.

Come get your face or body "glitzed" by a team of professional artists so you can shine loud and bright this month.

This sparkling event takes place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Virtual Pride BeneFHIT Class with our Fitness Partner, Fhitting Room

Taking place on Tuesday, June 23rd, SHOWFIELDS is hosting a virtual fitness class with Fhitting Room.

100% of donations will go the Human Rights Campaign which strives to end discrimination against LGBTQ people, and GRIOT Circle, which provides support for LGBT elders of color in NYC.

You can read more about this virtual campaign and learn how to donate, here

DJ & Drag Queen Meet & Greet

Taking place on Sunday, June 27th, SHOWFIELDS is hosting Show Up, Show Out! to celebrate Pride in partnership with NYC Pride.

Visitors can come enjoy a day of Pride at SHOWFIELDS with a live set by DJ Hannah Lou & a Meet n' Greet with Tina Burner.


Visitors were able to enjoy a very interesting, Pride inspired treat at SHOWFIELDS last week!

The Dickery Cart was set up right outside our store and the treats were made for very "instagram-able" photos!
Be sure to pop in at anytime and see what unique event is taking place next.

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"Call Me On My Cell Phone" TeeBLK & BoldDungeon ForwardGwen Beloti CollectionJam + RicoMaria EarringsMedium RoastMi Amour NecklaceMISCMUXENeon ApothecaryReflection - 13 oz Matte Black Geo Cut GlassSteeped Coffee: Rise & GRNDSunika Kuraun - Midnight Safari
June 18, 2021
How Emerging Black-Owned Businesses are Celebrating Juneteenth 2021 

How Emerging Black-Owned Businesses are Celebrating  Juneteenth 2021 

The world went through unexpected change and enlightenment in the past year. From a global pandemic to a racial movement, we can all agree that love, equality, and support are all foundations to overcome any obstacle. Realizing we all have the power to help put an end to injustices and fight for equal opportunity has instilled a greater humanity in all of us.

The Black Lives Matter Movement created waves in every city near and far and with Juneteenth approaching, SHOWFIELDS is making sure that wave never ends. June 19th pays homage to the end of slavery in the U.S. when the last enslaved African Americans in Galveston, Texas, were told they were free. Juneteenth is a cherished and liberating day for many and deserves continued recognition. 

President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act on Thursday afternoon, making the "second Independence Day" a federal holiday. Over the past years, America has celebrated and honored Juneteenth in various ways. From parades to education services, people all over have the opportunity to join the support. With post-pandemic conversations and vaccinations, everyone has the chance to honor the holiday this year, standing side by side. 

After a long year of eye-opening circumstances and equality marches, we should, now more than ever, celebrate Juneteenth by continuing to uplift Black communities and voices.

What better way to uplift Black communities than supporting Black-Owned-Businesses that are pushing for greatness? Below, you can discover the most interesting, emerging BOB's that are making major impacts in specific industries and beyond. You will also hear directly from some of the founders about what their mantras are and how they plan to use their brands for positive change.

Join the wave. Discover, shop, & explore these mighty brands below. 

Sunika Kuraun - Midnight Safari, $55, Dungeon Forward

Dungeon Forward

If you're looking for a statement piece that illustrates impeccable detail and story-look no further. Dungeon Forward is a POC founded brand that aims to create innovative design to empower, enlighten, and inspire the next. The illustrations are unique and the brand takes pride in precision and detail as none of their designs look the same. Culture is a big part of the brand's mantra; each piece is carefully made with history and roots in mind. As seen above, The Midnight Safari is one of the brand's most sought out head piece; it combines various materials and earth tones that align with the safari aesthetic. The midnight blue leather brim and front panel pulls it all together. Shop our favorite pieces from the collection, here

“It is our unique mission to share authentic stories through sculptural crowns, to pay homage to culture in all that we do, and to do this while developing the most innovative headwear brand in the world. The fact that we are black-owned is simply icing on the cake. “ says, Castro CEO DungeonForward.

"Call Me On My Cell Phone" Tee, $20, MUXE


MUXE combines the statements of streetwear and equality into one. The brand strives to inform and educate communities on social injustices, inequality, and LGBTQ+ issues through the world of fashion. MUXE aims to provide a community to all queers by creating streetwear clothing pieces with bold messages that captivate a sense of belonging to all who wear it. The brand's mantra is one of perseverance and determination as the pieces in their collection stand up for the queer community with messages of confidence and inclusivity. MUXE wants to serve as a constant reminder to little queer kids that you are “cool” and it will get better, but you have to keep fighting for equality. In 2021, MUXE New York will donate a portion of profits to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.  Read more about the brand and support its mission, here

"My Black-Queer Identity informs everything I do - from strutting down the street to designing collections + my entire purpose as an activist and designer is to inspire others to live authentically, and pursue their dreams fiercely," saysKADEEM ALPHANSO FYFFE- Designer & Founder.

Mi Amour Necklace, $85, Gwen Beloti Collection

Gwen Beloti Collection

The Gwen Beloti Collection is all about giving back- the timeless brand believes in empowering women through art and fashion. Each design is unique and carries a beautifully elegant aesthetic made to fit any occasion and ensemble. The designs were created with the female spirit in mind; whether it's a bracelet or necklace, each piece serves to add a touch of femininity and style to all your looks. Discover more inspiring designs from the collection, here

"We cater to women who love minimalistic styles and quality. Through golden hues we aim to cultivate a style experience that will inspire the daily looks and mood of women, and celebrate their unique golden stories. We're a 5 star rated brand with a growing following and support system. I attribute that to our commitment to nurturing community not just among out team and customers, but with our local and global community through service and giving," says Gwen Beloti- Founder and Namesake.

Rise & GRND, Medium Roast, $10, BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold

Serve your caffeine addiction while serving disadvantaged domestic youth in the U.S with BLK & Bold. This coffee brand works towards positive change while taking pride ethical practices and organic ingredients. Their mantra focuses on combining your daily ritual with a mission and starting your morning off right with a cup of purpose. BLK & Bold contributes 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness. Read more about BLK & Bold while shopping their products, here

 Reflection Candle, $55, Neon Apothecary

Neon Apothecary

Neon Apothecary has a strong vision of offering handmade goods from candles to accessories that will fit every kind of lifestyle. Most popular from the collection, Neon Apothecary's candles are made with emotion and spirit in mind. The scents are versatile, timeless and guaranteed to evoke emotion from anyone that lights them up. The packaging is edgy yet refreshing while the scents are uniquely named including The Haunted Cabin to Reflection. Neon Apothecary also collaborates with other Black, Brown and Queer creatives to create artisanal goods that reflect their vision. All candles are 100% soy, phthalate-free and handcrafted in Washington, DC. Explore our favorite scents and read more about Neon Apothecary's mission, here

"Neon Apothecary was born from a love of travel and the magic of community, be it Black, Brown or Queer (and often all of the above). And especially in this challenging year, whether it's Pride or not, whether it's Juneteenth or not, showing up and supporting our communities is more important than ever. Sometimes that looks like creative partnerships, sometimes that looks like donations, and sometimes that looks like shopping within your communities. Neon Apothecary’s mission is to offer luxury handcrafted candles, accessories and handmade goods while partnering with our black, brown and queer communities to curate artisanal products that reflect their vision," says Bobby B.- Founder.

Jam & Rico

If you are looking for head turning jewelry, Jam & Rico have you covered. Their motto? is to bring joy to the wearer and evoke confidence and beauty to each individual. Lisette Ffolkes founded Jam + Rico as a way to creatively honor her Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage. Each piece is thoughtfully made and adorned with aspects of color, shape, and tone. The collection is filled with bold inviting expressions made to fit every occasion and aesthetic and trust us, the designs will become a staple in your wardrobe.  Shop our favorites pieces from Caribbean line, here

“I’m the great, great, granddaughter of a sharecropper from Greenville, North Carolina and a sugarcane worker from Puerto Rico. My ancestors worked the land and contributed to the growth of the country. I stand on their shoulders and the shoulders of millions. I am grateful for the work and sacrifices they made to allow me to be where I am today. I will never take it for granted,” says Lisette Ffolkes- Founder.

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June 11, 2021
6 Unique LGBTQ Brands to Support During Pride 2021 and Beyond

6 Unique LGBTQ Brands to Support During Pride 2021 and Beyond 

This past year was eye opening to say the least. With protests, injustices, and a global pandemic- our world adapted to a new norm. Nonetheless, there is one thing we can all give and take during these unprecedented times and that is showcasing wholehearted support. Supporting groups of people, a race, and a friend helped us all get through last year and SHOWFIELDS strongly believes in continuing to uphold that idea during Pride Month and every single day after it. 

Pride 2021 seems to be coming out with a bang. With post-pandemic flutter and vaccine rollouts, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate in person and nothing says support like standing together side by side, advocating for peace and love. Amongst the celebrations, this year will also be filled with petitions, protests, and educating oneself and others. 

If you are pondering ways to contribute to Pride month and serve as a pillar for the queer community, SHOWFIELDS created a small shop-able guide filled with LGBTQ businesses that are doing their part to push for equality. Discover and support some of the most interesting queer-owned brands that are pushing the envelope and making waves below. #WeStandTogether

Queer Candle Co.

Queer Candle Co. is not only known for its organically made candles and naturalesque presentation, the brand also strives to serve as a safe community for all queers. By creating each candle in small batches, Queer Candle Co. takes pride in the phrase "made with love," as each and every one of the products is thought out and carefully curated. The brand has a range of refreshing scents including lemon, rose, and jasmine. Building the foundation on love and support and dismissing the idea of being a business makes Queer Candle Co. at the top of our list of LGBTQ brands to support this Pride. Read about the brand's goal and discover more candle scents, here

Prince Peacock

If you're looking for a timeless jewelry brand that is not only ethical but also inclusive, look no further. Prince Peacock is one of the most interesting brands that stands for equality and sustainably made pieces, including researching zero-waste packaging as well as using vintage dead stock parts in the jewelry-making process. Prince Peacock is highly involved in the queer community as twenty percent of the sales go to supporting performers and producers at drag, cabaret, and burlesque shows. The brand stands for inclusivity as each jewelry piece is thoughtfully made for ALL by offering clip-ons, surgical steel, and other options for those who need it. Shop more from Prince Peacock's collection of unique pieces, here


MUXE combines the statements of streetwear and equality into one. The brand strives to inform and educate communities on social injustices, inequality, and LGBTQ+ issues through the world of fashion. MUXE aims to provide a community to all queers by creating streetwear clothing pieces with bold messages that captivate a sense of belonging to all who wear it. The brand's mantra is one of perseverance and determination as the pieces in their collection stand up for the queer community with messages of confidence and inclusivity. MUXE wants to serve as a constant reminder to little queer kids that you are “cool” and it will get better, but you have to keep fighting for equality. Read more about the brand and support its mission, here

Stuzo Clothing

Inspired by people, love, and life, Stuzo Clothing is on a mission to create a space in the fashion world filled with no judgment. The brand is gender free and welcomes all by incorporating fluid clothing pieces with bold and intriguing statements. Stuzo also advocates for our earth by using ethical practices and sustainable fabrics. The unique collection includes hats, pants, and hoodies. You can shop some of our favorite pieces from Stuzo Clothing, here

Play Out Apparel

Play Out Apparel was created on the idea of shopping by style and not gender. The brand stands for inclusivity by creating underwear and athleisure for every kind of person and dismissing the idea of labels. Each piece is carefully made with style and the queer community in mind by incorporating bright colors and unique patterns that can fit every type of aesthetic. Play Out Apparel is extremely passionate about helping communities in need, the brand donates 20% of net profits to LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter nonprofit organizations. Discover and shop more pieces from the driven collection, here

Aya Paper Co.

Aya Paper Co. believes in celebrating people by illustrating moments on greeting cards and gifts. The brand honors Pride Month by releasing a one-of-a-kind greeting card that was designed by Ania Nicole Cotton to depict the joy of annual Pride celebrations around the world. Aya Paper Co.'s foundation is all about sustainability and helping our planet. It has a range of products starting from greeting cards to recycled tote bags. Read more about Aya Paper Co.'s mission, here

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June 04, 2021
6 Useful Eco-Friendly Products to Help You Go Green this Spring
Companies around the world are prioritizing sustainability more than ever and it's time you do too. SHOWFIELDS is one of the few platforms that advocates for our planet by highlighting unique products that are not only beneficial to you but also ......the lovely place we call home.
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Aya Paper Co.Bathing with FlowersBrooklyn TeaCrystal Weighted BlanketJIGGYManifestation JournalOxalis ApothecaryRelax. Relate. ReleaseSanctuary Body Oil | Warm + EarthySunday CitizenWell
May 04, 2021
5 Self-Care Must Haves to Support your Mental Health

5 Self-Care Must Haves to Support your Mental Health 

As we all continue to cope with the current global pandemic, mental health and self-care should be at the top of our priorities. When the world suddenly came to a halt, many of us were forced to confront inner conflicts we unintentionally avoided before the lockdown. Whether we liked it or not, quarantine highlighted just how important mental stability and self-care is and can be. 

As we dive into Mental Health Awareness month, SHOWFIELDS is taking full advantage of expressing how important self-healing and "me-time" is for our well-being. We take pride in advocating for mental health every single day by partnering up with organic, wellness, and mission based brands that curate products specifically for the mind and body. 

Pandemic or not, self-care is always at the top of our list and it should be for you too. 

So, if you're looking to add to your care regimen or are seeking a mental escape, look no further. SHOWFIELDS created a shop-able guide with five must have, interesting, and sustainable self-care products that will make worthwhile additions to your unwinding routine. 

Weighted Blanket, Self Care, Mental Health, Anxiety Relief

Crystal Weighted Blanket 

What better way to prioritize self-care than buying a weighted blanket? Weighted blankets are proven to lower anxiety, provide the utmost comfort, and guarantee a better nights rest. Sunday Citizen took two of the most sought out wellness products and created the Crystal Weighted Blanket. Trust us, you will be getting the best of both worlds. Not only does this weighted blanket come with all the noted benefits, it is also also filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that harness natural healing energy and make you feel amazing. Sunday Citizen is widely known for their bedding and lounge wear products. The brand's mantra focuses on bringing comfort, style, and peace through high-quality material and design. Shop our favorite products from the collection here.  

Recycled Paper, Self Care Journal, Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal 

Nothing says "me time" like sitting and writing down your thoughts. Aya Paper Co. created a go-to journal to help make all your desires to come to life. This unique notebook is designed in gold foil and is made with 100% recycled paper. The brand perfected this journal to serve as a constant reminder that everything you want is within reach. Aya Paper Co.'s foundation is all about sustainability and helping our planet. It has a range of products starting from greeting cards to recycled tote bags. Read more about Aya Paper Co.'s mission here

Organic Tea, Brooklyn Tea, Relaxing Tea, Self Care Tea

Relax. Relate. Release Tea

If you're looking for a miracle drink...Brooklyn Tea has you covered. The Relax. Relate. Release loose leaf tea is made for anyone looking for some down time or a boost of immunity. This cup of soothing goodness is light, sweet, smooth and made with a refreshing herbal blend of honey, mint and citronella. The natural ingredients all work together to aid digestion, help relieve stress, and is filled with benefits from lemongrass and chamomile. Brooklyn Tea is known for their organic ingredients and luxury taste. The brand's biggest goal is provide an escape for all tea drinkers. Discover more of its collection of teas here.

Puzzles, Mental Health Puzzles, Female founded Brand

Bathing with Flowers Puzzle 

There is something about puzzles that is incredibly nostalgic; most of us have completed or tried to complete a puzzle in our childhood. Whether we succeeded or not was not the case, it was all about escaping reality for a few moments and diving into a project of our own. This 800 piece puzzle by JIGGY will provide you with the mental escape you have been craving. Each puzzle illustrates the work of female artist making it a beautiful addition to your self-care routine. JIGGY is a female-founded brand that appreciates small details and gratification, even if its delayed. The puzzles are made to serve as a self reminder that the bigger picture always exists, you just have to try and put it together. Read more about JIGGY and its mission here

Body Oil, Organic Body Oil, earthy body oil, self care oil, essential body oils

Sanctuary Body Oil, Warm and Earthy 

Complete your self-care routine by engulfing in Oxalis Apothecary Sanctuary Body Oil. The formula was made to tame and relax your busy mind and body. Ingredients like Cedar-wood, warm vanilla-like Benzoin, while Blood Orange, and Organic Pumpkin Seed protect skin against environmental stressors and leave skin and spirit rejuvenated. Oxalis Apothecary gained its popularity due to its natural approach to nourishing the body with organic formulas. Discover our favorite products from its collection here.

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Adama Delphine FawunduBody Vernacular #3Delicious & SonsDelicious & Sons Organic Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Rosso Sauce 6.70oz (Pack of 3)DNA Nutrient TestEsther DressGaâlaHex Hat HolderLindsay AlbanesePATTERNRootineSTYLEUltimate Hydration Bundle
May 04, 2021
6 Unique Female-Founded Brands to Keep on Your Radar - Spring 2021

6 Unique Female-Founded Brands to Keep on Your Radar - Spring 2021

Here at SHOWFIELDS, our goal is to engage and inspire your sense of discovery through out-of-the-box brands, stories, art, & talent.

SHOWFIELDS recently spotlighted female-owned businesses that are creating waves and inspiring the next in our Women on a Mission to WOW campaign in March. Although International Women’s month is officially celebrated once a year, we believe in supporting women every single day.

Each and everyday, women are fiercely and independently launching their own businesses and brands. To honor and recognize female impact on today's society, we curated a list of brands across fashionwellness, and culinary avenues. 

Whether you’re looking to amp up your lifestyle, add to your self-care routine, or are on the lookout for eccentric brands or artist, you can turn to our shop-able guide and support this diverse group of female-owned businesses.

Ultimate Hydration Bundle, $94 Pattern Beauty


Pattern Beauty was founded by Tracee Ellis Ross in an effort to celebrate all-natural hair types. They have a range of products all designed to enhance your natural hair type and not tame or relax them in any way. Pattern Beauty also regularly donates to organizations that support women and people of color. Shop our favorite products from the collection here.


Organic Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Rosso (Pack of 3), $20.97, Delicious and Sons


Based in Barcelona, Delicious and Sons is a sustainable food company that supports small producers and thrives off their passion for Mediterranean Cuisine. If you’re looking to switch up your palette, Delicious and Sons offers a complete range of authentic Mediterranean dips, spreads, sauces, pestos, condiments, and glazes that are easy to use and ready to eat. Their motto? Is to take pleasure in the little things while helping yourself and helping our planet. Discover more from the collection here.


Esther Dress, $180, Gaâla


Are you looking to re-vamp your summer wardrobe but shop ethically at the same time? Look no further; Gaâla is a sustainable fashion brand that was founded by the powerful husband and wife duo of Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezko. This brand combines two worlds of French aesthetics and Belarusian craftsmanship all while highlighting the concept of up cycling.

Gaâla creates beautiful and timeless designs that are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. Shop our favorite pieces from the collection here.


DNA Nutrient Test, $125, Rootine


Created to de-bunk the idea of “one-size-fits-all” vitamins, Rootine focuses on personalized nutrition plans and supplements using your DNA and blood level data. It’s simple: visit their website, take the quiz, and add your personal data. While you sit back and wait for your customized vitamins, the team at Rootine work behind the scenes to analyze your genetic data and determine exactly what nutrient and dosage go into your daily micro-bead pack. Read more about Rootine and its mission here.


Body Vernacular #3, $2,250, Adama Delphine 


Adama Delphine Fawundu is a visual artist and photographer born in Brooklyn, NYC. With over 15 years of experience, Fawundu uses different outlets such as photography and printmaking as an artistic release, thus igniting conversations about collective memory, culture, history, stereotypes and different perspective. Her art can be found in the private and public collections such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Historical Society, The Norton Museum of Art, Corridor Art Gallery, The David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland and The Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. You can read more about Adama Delphine Fawundu and her art here.


Hex Hat Holder, $48, TOPTOTE


Known as the “best thing since hat boxes,” TOPTOTE was founded by Lindsay Albanese as Serviceable Style. Her collection focuses on accessories and designs that bring ease, order, and of course, style into your life. Pictured above: The Hex Hat Holder was designed so you can take your chic hat everywhere you go without having to hold it. The accessory has a touch of bling that is guaranteed to compliment all your looks. Check out more from the collection here.

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May 04, 2021
Roller Skating and its Revival: 2021

Honoring the History of America's Favorite Pastime: NYC RollerSkate Week 2021

At SHOWFIELDS, one of our biggest goal is to bring communities together. By working with mission based brands, we hope to inspire and drive individuals back to their roots, discover unique stories, and honor organizations with a purpose.

With the launch of our inaugural NYC RollerSkate Week, SHOWFIELDS is excited to kick off an array of events in collaboration with the African American Roller Skating Museum.

There is a deep wave of nostalgia that comes with roller skating; memories of school clubs, birthday parties, and skating rinks come flooding back. Many of us have a soft spot for this playful sport and its history of serving as a pillar in many communities. Since the pandemic began, we noticed a skating revival as Americans turned to the hobby as an escape from the lock-down. Viral social media videos, challenges, and even skating meet-ups all added to the resurgence of this wistful activity.

SHOWFIELDS believes in keeping this cultural resurgence alive while also educating those who may not understand the weight the popular pastime holds in African American culture. The first NYC RollerSkate Week will serve as an honorary reminder that despite its increased attention and lock-down craze, our favorite activity is much more than a trend.

Roller skating was and will always be a form of liberation for most and its time we recognize the political history that lies beneath America's favorite hobby. Our partnership with the African American Roller Skating Museum is all about acknowledging a pastime that is filled with an abundance of history, culture, and pride.

From April 23rd-30th, attendees can immerse into themes that incorporate historical roller skating narratives including mental health, dance, art, and racial injustice. Guests will also enjoy a screening of HBO Max's award-winning documentary, "United Skates."

"Right now, in this very moment, people are looking for more than lip-service. They want to see action behind those statements of solidarity and calls for justice. This partnership with SHOWFIELDS demonstrates that there are brands who are sincere in their efforts to uplift black voices and provide spaces for the full expression of black culture, curated by black people themselves. For the African-American skate community, which is struggling to receive equal representation, and acknowledgement for their historic contributions to roller skating, this collaboration serves as a shining example of possibility, and hopefully will encourage other brands to follow suit," says Jocelyn Goode, Director of the African American Roller Skating Museum.

With post-pandemic flutter in the air, what better way to reunite our communities than to tap into nostalgia, dive into history, and skate with a purpose? Click here to learn more about the events taking place during NYC RollerSkate Week.

SHOWFIELDS is also in partnership with Moonlight Roller, a POC female-founded company that is praised for its contribution and revival of roller-skating culture. The brand's mantra is all about inclusivity and invites every kind of skater to join its open community. Read more about Moonlight Roller & its mission here

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for exciting updates on RollerSkate Week and information on all things interesting, @SHOWFIELDS.

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(re)zipFew ModaJibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee To GoJibby CoffeeMINDOra OrganicOrganic Greens PowderOxalis ApothecaryTall Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag 2-piece kitWildflower Clay Mask | Balance + Detox
May 04, 2021
5 Interesting Sustainable Brands to Support This Spring

5 Interesting Sustainable Brands to Support This Spring 

Fast fashion, toxic skincare, and processed foods are avenues we should all try to avoid. With more and more ethically emerging brands, our society is slowly but surely evolving and we are seeing words like sustainable, ethical, and clean dominate various industries.

At SHOWFIELDS, one of our biggest missions is about sustainability and ethically made brands. Although there's a strong buzz around following trends, going green is a lifestyle change and we want to give you a head start.

Since this season is all about new beginnings, what better way to go green than by springing into ethically made products? Here is a list of very diverse, eco-friendly brands that will help you clear your palette, start fresh, and add the word sustainable to your daily routine. 

Wildflower Clay Mask, $22, Oxalis Apothecary


Based in New Orleans, this clean beauty brand is giving plant to body a whole new meaning. Becoming a cult classic for all skincare gurus, Oxalis Apothecary gained its popularity due to the brand's natural approach to nourishing your body. All of the products are 100% natural, filled with premium plant-based oils, herbs and minerals, and ethically sourced ingredients. What do you say? Let's give your skincare regimen a detox & add Oxalis Apothecary to your daily routine. Learn more about the brand's products here

Jibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee, $66, Jibby


CBD products have been dominating many industries and this one-of-a-kind coffee brand took CBD and sustainability to the next level. Known as "the feel-good coffee," Jibby combines the art of organic coffee and hemp derived cannabidiol to create the perfect steady fuel for productivity. Using exactly 25mg of CBD, organic Columbian coffee, and sustainable roasting practices- Jibby re-defined the process of cold brew coffee, making your daily caffeine intake oh so good. Read more about Jibby's mission here.

Square Neck Smocked Maxi Dress, $54, Few Moda


FEW MODA is a membership-based platform that is revolutionizing the world of retail. How does it work? By cutting out the middle-man and ridiculous markups, you can enjoy wholesale prices on even the most elevated fashion pieces. This game-changing brand is also known for its high standards and sustainability mantra. From craftsmanship to the manufacturing process- including design, fabric selection, and sourcing- FEW MODA is always in control and continues to take the fashion industry by storm. Shop some of our favorite pieces here.

Organic Green Powder, $27.99, Ora Organic


Never anything artificial is Ora Organics' core belief. With a plant-based line of vitamins and organic ingredients, this brand is on a mission to replace synthetic supplements with sustainable nutrition. Ora only uses organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based ingredients that fit your lifestyle. What are you waiting for? It's time to go Ora & indulge in environmentally friendly nutrition with surprisingly good taste. Discover more of Ora Organic's collection here.

Tall Leak-proof Reusable Storage Bags, $19.99, Re-Zip


Go trash-free this season with Re-Zip. These freezer bags are not only easy to clean and ensure a tight seal, but they're also made with FDA-approved PEVA material (lead-free). Say goodbye to Ziplock and say hello to 0 waste, Re-zip reusable baggies. You will be doing yourself and our planet a favor... It doesn't get better than that. Read more about Re-zip here

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May 04, 2021
Join Us! Earth Day Initiative 2021

Join Us! Earth Day 2021 

2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of the place we call home. 

Here at SHOWFIELDS, we take pride in treating every day like Earth Day by recognizing eco-conscious living and spotlighting ethical products, brands, and stories. We believe being world aware is essential and despite our current global limitations, SHOWFIELDS is excited to use our platform and continue the conversation by partnering up with the Earth Day Initiative. 

Earth Day Initiative is a non-for-profit dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and solutions. They are also in partnership with March for Science as well as Greta Thunberg's Friday for Future for this virtual campaign. 

“This is a pivotal year for our global community to acknowledge and respect the science of climate and COVID. We hope that the Earth Day 2021 Virtual Stage and Festival sets the tone ahead of the Biden Administration’s global climate summit to be held this coming Earth Day,” says John Oppermann, Executive Director for Earth Day Initiative.

This crucial time has really brought a focus onto the planet and while we still remain sheltered due to the global pandemic, we can still create waves being homebound. On April 19th, you can join SHOWFIELDS and take part in Earth Day Initiative's Virtual Festival from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The online rally aims to unite communities and spark dialogue about climate change, environmental protection, and ways you can help our planet. You can even catch some of our brand partner founders to appear as part of the Virtual Fair to promote their stories and products to anyone who comes to SHOWFIELD's booth-booth #19.

The event is FREE and provides an opportunity for environmentally-forward organizations and attendees to band together to elevate the climate conversation while identifying ways to make a positive impact across all communities in this critical year. 

The interactive affair was inspired by 90's video games and with self-made avatars, attendees can interact with other activists, speak with climate scientists and even partake in a giant virtual climate march.

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SHOWFIELDS is also celebrating Earth Month offline by incorporating various eco-friendly themes in-store.

Come visit us and discover our NYC ground floor space where we will be promoting our own Waves of Impact campaign in collaboration with the Earth Day Initiative, which will include a curation of our ethical products and sustainable brands.

This space will include the Earth Day Initiative call to action "Do 1 thing" with an interactive experience asking guests what is one thing they are doing to save the planet. 

We want to remind you that as a community, it is our job to take action and help nurture our planet by making lasting, progressive changes. Whether it's joining an online rally, using reusable products, or shopping sustainably- no action is small and every action will make an impact.

Happy Earth Day from the family here at SHOWFIELDS! #TogetherWeCan

For more information on the virtual initiative and how to register, click here.

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