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August 24, 2022
Interview with Troop
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2 Pack: Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask30 PodsAS OF TODAYAS OF TODAY Fridge BundleBloomCandy BagIced Tea+ PeachJoe + MonroeMari's MatchaPalo SantoPurvariSongmontStress ReliefThe Patch BrandVitapod
August 23, 2022
Virgo Season Gift Guide 2022

Virgo season is upon us! These logical and practical zodiac signs can be some of the most good-hearted, caring friends. Surprise your Virgo BFF with your attention to detail in the form of a gift. Specifically a gift that emulates that of beauty and earth, aka the epitome of Virgos.


Speaking of beauty, As of Today presents us with the ultimate gift that a true beauty guru will appreciate, the Fridge Bundle. Keep all of your products fresh and clean in this state-of-the-art, premium skincare fridge, which includes a mirror with three light settings.


Gift this earth sign the Palo Santo candle by Joe + Monroe. Infused with essential oils, this candle is reminiscent of a roaring fireplace and the woodiness of Palo Santo.


Looking to destress a stressed out Virgo? Look no further than the Stress Relief patch by The Patch Brand. This patch helps them be their most cool, calm, and collected selves.


Let your Virgo buddy indulge in a sensory experience of not only a great tasting, but great smelling Peach Ice Tea by Vitapod. Loaded with a unique blend of electrolytes, essential vitamins and powerful plant-antioxidants, this will keep them energized for a day full of getting shit done!


A luxurious, yummy drink? How can a Virgo say no? Share the love with them with Mari’s Matcha by Bloom. Stone-ground from the finest hand-picked tea leaves in Kagoshima, Japan, this matcha is perfect for a natural boost in energy, focus, and concentration!


Skincare must be of the utmost importance to any earth sign, especially the ‘put together’ Virgo. Purvari brings us the most interesting all natural skincare products. Just one round of their Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask and we promise you’ll see a difference!!


You can never go wrong with a beautiful, classy bag for an earth sign. Our pick would have to be the Candy Bag by Songmont

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Aspen Leggings: Ice MeltDry ShampooEcho Pickleball PaddleFreebeatHydrowHydrow RowerLit Bike ClassicNot Your Mother'sobéobé Fitness 30-Day Free TrialRepriseWilson
August 22, 2022
Back to School: Fitness

Routines are one of the most important things to think about in your preparations for back to school. Ideally it would include being active in your day to day. While it is not always easy, it is always worth it! Shop the following brands to stay motivated in your fitness journey.


One of the most fun workouts we can think of is pickleball! So hurry and grab Wilson's Echo Pickleball Paddle and tennis balls and get to it!! There’s also NO processed sugar, nothing artificial, non-GMO. A win for us all!!


A cute little outfit for motivation never hurt anyone! Reprise Activewear is coming at you with their plant based activewear! We’re currently loving the Aspen Leggings and Aspen Sports Bra!


Want an indoor cycling experience you won’t forget? Look no further than Freebeat’s Lit Bike Classic. This bike creates a one of a kind journey with captivating aesthetics to add style to any home. 


Hydrow is changing the way we think about working out! You can now feel as if you are in the outdoors exploring while getting physically stronger! If you want to test it out, visit our New York store on 11 Bond St.


Obé is here for you when it comes to having a fun workout. Choose from over 8,000 workouts to find just the right one for you! OR join in for any of their live workouts. Try their 30-Day Free Trial asap!!


Who knows when you can fit your workout in during the day?! Well no matter when you choose to get your “active” on, Not Your Mother's will help get your hair back in its correct shape to go about the rest of your day. You’ll never look back with their Dry Shampoo!!

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30 PodsCarefree ChocolateCrispy GreenFunctional ChocolateHydra+ Blueberry PomegranateKashiKeto Granola - 3 FlavorsLakantoPiña Picante Ginger Lime Air-Dried FruitRecoupReset BioscienceRESET Wellness Shots Sample PackSingle "Resilience" Sparkling Hydration + Health Beverage (Showfields exclusive)Summer WaterSummer Water RoséVitapod
August 22, 2022
Back to School: Pack a Lunch

To a certain group of us, back to school means packing a lunch. Energy levels are no joke when it comes to being awake and alert in an environment of learning. So stay tuned for what foods and products will help rejuvenate your body for the day.


Exclusive to Showfields, Recoup is your new favorite bubbly drink with incredible health benefits. Might we suggest the flavor of Resilience. It contains organic ginger + watermelon. This power couple replenishes, supports muscle recovery, and delivers a pick me up with no crash. There’s also NO processed sugar, nothing artificial, non-GMO. A win for us all!!


Okay we know what you’re thinking… “Chocolate to help my energy and stress levels??” However Functional Chocolate truly surprises us all. They focus on the most common health realities – sleep issues to energy, focus for those video calls, PMS to menopause, everyday stress and so much more. Carefree Chocolate specifically focuses on reducing feelings of stress & anxiety while tasting like Mellow Mint Truffle. 


While we wouldn’t recommend packing this in your lunch, a nice drink at the end of the day can be the refreshing touch you need for your week, if you’re of age of course!! Their specialty is dry Rosé that’s light, refreshing and not too sweet. They are also known for transporting you to a Summer state of mind so you can drink for the weather you want, not the weather you have.


When you’re in the middle of your school day, hydration just might be the last thing on your mind. Vitapod makes it easy with their Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate Pods. Each pod includes a unique mix of electrolytes, essential vitamins and minerals, and powerful plant-based antioxidants, transforming your tap water into a great tasting, hydrating, and a more complete nutritious drink. PLUS no sugar! 


Crispy Green is a brand you will feel good including in your lunchbox. Each product contains the highest quality of natural ingredients. The Piña Picante Ginger Lime Air-Dried Fruit is a necessity for your mid-day snack!


Another snack you won’t regret packing is Lakanto’s Keto Granola. It’s very filling with the perfect touch of sweetness. They recommend adding it to yogurt or eating like cereal with milk in it!


It’s National Waffle Day August 24th and to celebrate Kashi is setting up a waffle bar of your dreams at the Food & Beverage Bar featuring perfectly paired toppings to go along with their fluffy and deliciously crispy toaster waffles.

Come on in to our NY location to sample two of their top-selling waffles: the classic Kashi 7 Grain waffle which features a mouth-watering blend of seven grains kissed with molasses and 13g of whole grain or the energizing Kashi GO Wild Blueberry protein waffles made with real blueberries and 13g of protein to fuel your day.

If you like it, try adding them to your lunchbox!!


Wellness has never been easier with Reset Bioscience. Everything is LITERALLY on-the-go. A great introduction to the brand would be to try their RESET Wellness Shots Sample Pack. Just add one to your lunch each day for your mid day energizer.

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Any DiApollo NeuroscienceApollo™Atmosphere CandleBlackBob Ore Blue CollectionCasablanca ThrowFolioMinotNimbo Bamboo - Black / BlackOn-the-Go Kick Flare Pant with Silver Lining TechnologySpanxSunCover | Glasses CaseSunday CitizenVictoria Tote Leather Canvas Combo BagYY Nation
August 22, 2022
Back to School: Teacher

Here we go with our back to school gift guide! This one is specifically curated for all of our lovely teachers. We know it can’t be easy teaching the youth of this generation, so we suggest everyone getting their teacher a back to school gift. You just might become the teacher’s pet!


A teacher will usually appreciate reading the best of the best books. Folio is bringing you a special array of books to help you rediscover how much you love reading. Be sure to check out our NY store selection. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Teachers are spending all day on their feet, so they NEED a comfy shoe to carry them through the day. Our top pick would be YY Nation's Nimbo Bamboo - Black / Black shoe.


One thing about a teacher is the work truly never stops. Snatching up an Apollo™ watch by Apollo Neuroscience will help improve your body’s resilience to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and stay healthy.


A nice Sunday Citizen Casablanca Throw Blanket will have your teacher singing your praises. It is thoughtful and something anyone can enjoy.


Spanx is offering the perfect white work pants with their Silver Lining Technology. We suggest the On-the-Go Kick Flare Pant. “Say good-riddance to underwear showing through.”


Luxury fashion with an affordable price? Yes please!! The perfect teacher tote would have to be the Victoria Tote Leather Canvas Combo Bag, Black by Bob Ore.


Creating a peaceful space in a teacher's classroom is no easy task. However, Minot’s Atmosphere Candle says otherwise. 


Any Di is here to provide the most adorable SunCover | Glasses Case. They come in multiple colors and designs AND are the perfect, unique gift. 

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AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet CoverAURABallsyCHARLES & KEITHd.RTFocusFor DaysItza Cargo PantJoss Ankle-Strap Flatform Thong Sandals - BlackLiquid Courage Hydrating Body WashPlayboyRe-New For Better Days SweatshirtSIJOThe Patch Brand
August 22, 2022
Back to School: College Kid

It’s back to school season and we are rounding up our favorite brands for the college kid. Grab any of these products to be fully prepared for your first semester!


Those dorm room beds will not dress themselves! Err on the side of affordable luxury bedding with Sijo Home’s AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover


Sensible AND fashionable shoe alert!!! Charles and Keith’s Joss Ankle-Strap Flatform Thong Sandals are perfect for the on the go student.


Now we all know that haircare isn’t your first priority in college (or at least we hope so LOL). However Aura Hair Care does all the heavy lifting for you! You simply take a quiz online and they send you a custom shampoo and conditioner that you can set up to be auto delivered every 3 months. Be sure to check out the full collection here.


With stress coming at you in all areas, you really can’t control how your body will feel or react. The Patch Brand’s Focus vitamin patch will allow you to fight off distractions and speed through that to-do list. 


When it comes to forming your college routine, you need something that is easy to throw on while also giving a polished look. d.RT has an assorted collection of just this, but our fav is the Itza Cargo Pant for that confidence boost with minimal effort. 


Another brand providing incredible loungewear would have to be none other than Playboy. In our Miami store only, we have incredible t-shirts, sweatshirts and MORE. Run!! Don’t Walk!


And the list keeps running for those comfy, cozy pieces. For Days Re-New For Better Days Sweatshirt is one you’ll never want to get rid of!!


This goes out to all our college humans that deal with cleaning their nether-regions. While all their products are a must, you can never go wrong with Ballsy's Liquid Courage Hydrating Body Wash to make sure you’re squeaky clean.

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August 18, 2022
An Evening With Natasha David x Lillet

Last Thursday evening Natasha David and Lillet partnered with Showfields New York in hosting a very special evening apéro to celebrate the launch of Natasha's book, "Drink Lightly". Guests also had the opportunity to view the Lillet x Showfields art gallery while enjoying a “Make Your Own” spritz bar. Take a peak below to have a look into this beautiful night.

Check out one of Natasha’s Recipes Below:

Endless Spring


  • ½ Strawberry
  • 1 oz. Lillet Rosé
  • ¾ oz. Amaro Ramazzotti
  • ¾ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ½ oz. Simple Syrup (1:1)
  • Bubbly Water, To Top


Lightly mix in the half strawberry in a shaker. Add the Lillet, Ramazzotti, lemon juice, and syrup. Add ice and shake. Fine-strain into a glass with ice. Top with the bubbly water. Stir all the ingredients. Finish with a garnish of half the remaining strawberry.

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90's Crop SSFor DaysNightfeverRepriseReset BioscienceRESET Energy ShotSequoia SkirtSito ShadesUS Open BLX 100 Tennis RacquetVitapodVitapod Go Starter KitWilsonZBioticsZBiotics® Enhanced Probiotic Drink
August 10, 2022
Tennis Season Shopping Guide

‘Tis the season for tennis, in case you didn’t know! With the US Open right around the corner, Showfields is giving you all the products you need to be fully prepared. We will also be throwing some amazing events and programming you don’t want to miss. So stay tuned!


Wilson, our fave well-rounded sporting goods company, is giving everything we need for the tennis season. The Showfields pick would have to be the US Open BLX 100 Tennis Racquet. Who doesn’t need the perfect tennis racquet?! 


With the heat wave NOT being over, it has never been more important to stay hydrated. Vitapod Go Starter Kit is the smart choice for anyone who cares about not passing out and keeping their body up and running. Be sure to check them out in Showfields Miami! 


Is looking cute but also being comfortable wrong?! If so, we don't want to be right! Reprise Activewear gives this dual effect a new meaning. Try out the Sequoia Skirt for that on-the-go athleisure look everyone is trying.  


A perfect tee to top off the Reprise Activewear skirt would have to be For Days90's Crop SS. You can snatch this shirt up in four different colors and also feel good about your carbon footprint. If you weren’t aware, For Days is on a mission to end fashion waste and catalyze industry change. All For Days products are organic, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable. 


If you are planning on doing any of the upcoming festivities outdoors, you for sure want to protect your eyes. What better way than Sito Shades? The Nightfever shades will surely go with any look you choose to sport.


While we are on the topic of keeping you brand new throughout this season, Reset Bioscience offers products with clean ingredients that will keep those energy levels up. We recommend the RESET Energy Shot for that extra boost you’ll need. 


Our guess is that some of you are planning on drinking at any and all tennis events? If that’s true for you, then you of course want to be prepared. ZBiotics® Enhanced Probiotic Drink will break down an unwanted alcohol byproduct called acetaldehyde – the primary culprit behind rough mornings after drinking. You will wake up feeling brand new!

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Draped Linen DressFreebeatHOO RAALace Up Back Bunny One PieceLit Bike PinkNocturnePlayboyRest for the wickedSILVER SYDNEY XLStone & Mason
August 01, 2022
Leo Season Gift Guide 2022

Leo season is upon us! And what do these signs love more than anything??? Being the center of attention and everyone worshiping at their feet? Very dramatic but if you know, you know. Too bad they are so lovable, so there’s no choice but to grab a gift for your Leo bestie! Check out our Showfields’ selects below.


How can we not talk about Playboy’s swimwear again? It’s giving sexy, flirty and fun. This Lace Up Back Bunny One Piece is the perfect gift to grab Leos. They won’t even blink twice before asking if they should try it on for you to drool at!


Leo’s have a certain image to uphold, which brings us to why they NEED a Freebeat bike. No one has to know how often they use it, it just looks badass sitting in their apartment, and everyone will probably mention it when they see it. But trust that it is an excellent and fun method of exercise. 


A night out on the town to celebrate a Leo goes great with Stone and Mason’s Silver Sydney XL. This silver metallic purse is bound to catch eyes which you know is just what the doctor ordered for a Leo.


Looking for something to match that beautiful bag? Look no further than Nocturne, serving us some of the most luxurious garments for women. This Royal Blue Draped Linen Dress says it all when it comes to the material girl zodiac sign. Hurry up, it looks like she’s on sale!! 


Because these fire signs are so energetic, your friend might have trouble winding down at the end of the night. So, gifting a little CBD can never hurt anyone. We suggest Hoo Raa’s Rest for the wicked for that oh so peaceful slumber they have been waiting for.

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July 28, 2022
Interview with Freebeat CMO, Abby Zhu

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

AZ: Coffee lol. After a coffee, I look forward to a full day of exciting interactions, and to-dos for work...start-up life you know. 

What do you believe is your superpower?

AZ: I can really succeed in what I truly believe in and set my mind to.

What's the hardest decision you've made so far? 

AZ: To build the team globally. We currently have teams across 4 different countries. It was quite challenging to manage in the beginning, but once we got the hang of things, the decision to globalize was extremely rewarding and enabled us to optimize global resources.  

What part of your job do you love, and you can’t stop doing? And what part do you hate doing?

AZ: What I love: Hearing customers receive their bike and tell us how lovely it is. I love seeing them ride every week perform better and better.

What I hate: Logistics problems... Customers occasionaly email us saying the box and bike arrived damaged. We're always willing to help our customers coordinate with their local carrier, and try to get them a replacement bike ASAP. But yeah, this is annoying... I hope every customer receives a smooth and satisfying experience - but the logistics side is out of our control, and hard to oversee sometimes. 

Who or what has shaped who you are?

AZ: I would credit that to my diverse background. Having grown up on three continents (North America, Asia, and Europe), I met tons of amazing people and experienced different cultures, languages, and perspectives - all shaping me into who I am today. I push my teams to be creative, inclusive, and to explore different channels for inspiration and ideas, similar to how I was raised. 

What motivated you to start your company?

AZ: I've always valued fitness to the highest degree. I found many fitness platforms, whether online or in-person, were lacking certain details. I wanted to create a platform that welcomes everyone- disregarding fitness backgrounds, commitment levels, or any other entry barrier people may face.

Freebeat is meant to promote a healthy lifestyle, be a stress-free zone, and of course, be fun! Exercising shouldn't be a burden, I want to provide a fun and inclusive environment while keeping fitness as the priority.

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