May 04, 2021
Roller Skating and its Revival: 2021

Honoring the History of America's Favorite Pastime: NYC RollerSkate Week 2021

At SHOWFIELDS, one of our biggest goal is to bring communities together. By working with mission based brands, we hope to inspire and drive individuals back to their roots, discover unique stories, and honor organizations with a purpose.

With the launch of our inaugural NYC RollerSkate Week, SHOWFIELDS is excited to kick off an array of events in collaboration with the African American Roller Skating Museum.

There is a deep wave of nostalgia that comes with roller skating; memories of school clubs, birthday parties, and skating rinks come flooding back. Many of us have a soft spot for this playful sport and its history of serving as a pillar in many communities. Since the pandemic began, we noticed a skating revival as Americans turned to the hobby as an escape from the lock-down. Viral social media videos, challenges, and even skating meet-ups all added to the resurgence of this wistful activity.

SHOWFIELDS believes in keeping this cultural resurgence alive while also educating those who may not understand the weight the popular pastime holds in African American culture. The first NYC RollerSkate Week will serve as an honorary reminder that despite its increased attention and lock-down craze, our favorite activity is much more than a trend.

Roller skating was and will always be a form of liberation for most and its time we recognize the political history that lies beneath America's favorite hobby. Our partnership with the African American Roller Skating Museum is all about acknowledging a pastime that is filled with an abundance of history, culture, and pride.

From April 23rd-30th, attendees can immerse into themes that incorporate historical roller skating narratives including mental health, dance, art, and racial injustice. Guests will also enjoy a screening of HBO Max's award-winning documentary, "United Skates."

"Right now, in this very moment, people are looking for more than lip-service. They want to see action behind those statements of solidarity and calls for justice. This partnership with SHOWFIELDS demonstrates that there are brands who are sincere in their efforts to uplift black voices and provide spaces for the full expression of black culture, curated by black people themselves. For the African-American skate community, which is struggling to receive equal representation, and acknowledgement for their historic contributions to roller skating, this collaboration serves as a shining example of possibility, and hopefully will encourage other brands to follow suit," says Jocelyn Goode, Director of the African American Roller Skating Museum.

With post-pandemic flutter in the air, what better way to reunite our communities than to tap into nostalgia, dive into history, and skate with a purpose? Click here to learn more about the events taking place during NYC RollerSkate Week.

SHOWFIELDS is also in partnership with Moonlight Roller, a POC female-founded company that is praised for its contribution and revival of roller-skating culture. The brand's mantra is all about inclusivity and invites every kind of skater to join its open community. Read more about Moonlight Roller & its mission here

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for exciting updates on RollerSkate Week and information on all things interesting, @SHOWFIELDS.

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(re)zipFew ModaJibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee To GoJibby CoffeeMINDOra OrganicOrganic Greens PowderOxalis ApothecaryTall Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag 2-piece kitWildflower Clay Mask | Balance + Detox
May 04, 2021
5 Interesting Sustainable Brands to Support This Spring

5 Interesting Sustainable Brands to Support This Spring 

Fast fashion, toxic skincare, and processed foods are avenues we should all try to avoid. With more and more ethically emerging brands, our society is slowly but surely evolving and we are seeing words like sustainable, ethical, and clean dominate various industries.

At SHOWFIELDS, one of our biggest missions is about sustainability and ethically made brands. Although there's a strong buzz around following trends, going green is a lifestyle change and we want to give you a head start.

Since this season is all about new beginnings, what better way to go green than by springing into ethically made products? Here is a list of very diverse, eco-friendly brands that will help you clear your palette, start fresh, and add the word sustainable to your daily routine. 

Wildflower Clay Mask, $22, Oxalis Apothecary


Based in New Orleans, this clean beauty brand is giving plant to body a whole new meaning. Becoming a cult classic for all skincare gurus, Oxalis Apothecary gained its popularity due to the brand's natural approach to nourishing your body. All of the products are 100% natural, filled with premium plant-based oils, herbs and minerals, and ethically sourced ingredients. What do you say? Let's give your skincare regimen a detox & add Oxalis Apothecary to your daily routine. Learn more about the brand's products here

Jibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee, $66, Jibby


CBD products have been dominating many industries and this one-of-a-kind coffee brand took CBD and sustainability to the next level. Known as "the feel-good coffee," Jibby combines the art of organic coffee and hemp derived cannabidiol to create the perfect steady fuel for productivity. Using exactly 25mg of CBD, organic Columbian coffee, and sustainable roasting practices- Jibby re-defined the process of cold brew coffee, making your daily caffeine intake oh so good. Read more about Jibby's mission here.

Square Neck Smocked Maxi Dress, $54, Few Moda


FEW MODA is a membership-based platform that is revolutionizing the world of retail. How does it work? By cutting out the middle-man and ridiculous markups, you can enjoy wholesale prices on even the most elevated fashion pieces. This game-changing brand is also known for its high standards and sustainability mantra. From craftsmanship to the manufacturing process- including design, fabric selection, and sourcing- FEW MODA is always in control and continues to take the fashion industry by storm. Shop some of our favorite pieces here.

Organic Green Powder, $27.99, Ora Organic


Never anything artificial is Ora Organics' core belief. With a plant-based line of vitamins and organic ingredients, this brand is on a mission to replace synthetic supplements with sustainable nutrition. Ora only uses organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based ingredients that fit your lifestyle. What are you waiting for? It's time to go Ora & indulge in environmentally friendly nutrition with surprisingly good taste. Discover more of Ora Organic's collection here.

Tall Leak-proof Reusable Storage Bags, $19.99, Re-Zip


Go trash-free this season with Re-Zip. These freezer bags are not only easy to clean and ensure a tight seal, but they're also made with FDA-approved PEVA material (lead-free). Say goodbye to Ziplock and say hello to 0 waste, Re-zip reusable baggies. You will be doing yourself and our planet a favor... It doesn't get better than that. Read more about Re-zip here

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May 04, 2021
Join Us! Earth Day Initiative 2021

Join Us! Earth Day 2021 

2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of the place we call home. 

Here at SHOWFIELDS, we take pride in treating every day like Earth Day by recognizing eco-conscious living and spotlighting ethical products, brands, and stories. We believe being world aware is essential and despite our current global limitations, SHOWFIELDS is excited to use our platform and continue the conversation by partnering up with the Earth Day Initiative. 

Earth Day Initiative is a non-for-profit dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and solutions. They are also in partnership with March for Science as well as Greta Thunberg's Friday for Future for this virtual campaign. 

“This is a pivotal year for our global community to acknowledge and respect the science of climate and COVID. We hope that the Earth Day 2021 Virtual Stage and Festival sets the tone ahead of the Biden Administration’s global climate summit to be held this coming Earth Day,” says John Oppermann, Executive Director for Earth Day Initiative.

This crucial time has really brought a focus onto the planet and while we still remain sheltered due to the global pandemic, we can still create waves being homebound. On April 19th, you can join SHOWFIELDS and take part in Earth Day Initiative's Virtual Festival from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The online rally aims to unite communities and spark dialogue about climate change, environmental protection, and ways you can help our planet. You can even catch some of our brand partner founders to appear as part of the Virtual Fair to promote their stories and products to anyone who comes to SHOWFIELD's booth-booth #19.

The event is FREE and provides an opportunity for environmentally-forward organizations and attendees to band together to elevate the climate conversation while identifying ways to make a positive impact across all communities in this critical year. 

The interactive affair was inspired by 90's video games and with self-made avatars, attendees can interact with other activists, speak with climate scientists and even partake in a giant virtual climate march.

Earth Day, Earth Day 2021, Climate Change, Earth Day Initiative

SHOWFIELDS is also celebrating Earth Month offline by incorporating various eco-friendly themes in-store.

Come visit us and discover our NYC ground floor space where we will be promoting our own Waves of Impact campaign in collaboration with the Earth Day Initiative, which will include a curation of our ethical products and sustainable brands.

This space will include the Earth Day Initiative call to action "Do 1 thing" with an interactive experience asking guests what is one thing they are doing to save the planet. 

We want to remind you that as a community, it is our job to take action and help nurture our planet by making lasting, progressive changes. Whether it's joining an online rally, using reusable products, or shopping sustainably- no action is small and every action will make an impact.

Happy Earth Day from the family here at SHOWFIELDS! #TogetherWeCan

For more information on the virtual initiative and how to register, click here.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for exciting updates on Earth Month and information on all things interesting, @SHOWFIELDS.

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