Wendy Charland (left)
Jamie Glassman (right)

What initially motivated you to launch WYOS?

We met when we worked on the acquisition of Essie at L’Oreal and it was both of our favorite jobs ever so we have been looking for way to work together again for the past 10 years. We saw white space in the personal care space to develop brand that met the broader needs of today’s consumers with product formulas and how they are delivered. Stars aligned and just weeks after discussing partnering to build the brand together we were actually doing it

What sets your brand apart from other competitors?

The fact that we can create skin and haircare products in a solid stick format without sacrificing the quality of the formulas and the benefits they deliver. Feedback from our consumers and lab testing confirm that our formulas are some of the best on the market regardless of format. 

What problem is your brand solving?

Traveling with products whether it is on a plane or to the gym can be messy and challenging, they leak or they aren’t TSA friendly. Additionally current formats waste product as you dispense in to your hands more than you need. All WYOS products are leak, mess and waste free. You can literally take them with you anywhere.

What is the KEY item everyone needs from your brand?

The Shining Star, All Over Moisturizer stick. It great for your face, body, lips and even hair. We each carry this in our bags every day.

Thinking back to when you started WYOS, what do you wish you knew that would have made launching easier?

The list is long but what comes to mind is it's okay to start small and grow, you don’t have to be an enormous business in 6 months and unless you have a huge budget you probably won’t be. Also to appreciate the small wins, they add up and matter. 

Are there any new products you are super excited about (or any new updates from your brand you want to share)?

We have new products coming out in early 2024. We can’t share exactly what they are yet but what we can say is if you have thought “I wish they had this in a stick” we probably have it in development. 

What is your superpower?

Resilience! Stuff happens, things don’t go as you thought they would etc. the key is to get back up, learn and then adjust. As Churchill said and we believe “the key to success is to go from failure to failure without a lack of optimism” its not always fun or easy but we always get back to it and pivot.