Talking with Women of Wonder:
For Days

In celebration of Women’s History Month, SHOWFIELDS wanted to take this moment in time to highlight the female founders and artists who are pushing the envelope with mission-based topics that resonate most with our community. We like to refer to them as our Women of Wonder or “WOW.” This week we will be sharing an interview with the Founder of For Days.

Introducing Kristy Caylor, Founder of For Days

What motivated/inspired you to start your company, For Days?

KC: I've been in fashion for a long time and was tired of the old system that produced so much waste. We have a "produce, purchase, pollute" problem and I thought a circular model could fix that and ultimately, fix the industry. Customers are ready for something new and I wanted to create a company that could satisfy their desire for fashionable sustainable clothing while eliminating clothing waste and driving great business results.

As a female leader, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?

KC: I have a big vision for what this industry can look like and how For Days plays a part in its future. We are not aiming for small change or small impact. Sometimes people want you to fit into a specific box or just do the safe thing. Change is hard and isn't always safe. That's why we have to be visionaries.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

KC: Go for it. Arm yourself with a deep understanding of your industry, the stakeholders, the challenges and the white space and then go for it. Be strong and be kind. Don't aim for perfection and don't be afraid of failure.

If someone is new to your brand - what's the first thing you'd suggest they try?

KC: The Take Back Bag.

What's a desert island product from your brand?

KC: For Better Days Dad Hat.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

KC: For personal inspiration - I look to people doing things no one has done before. Those who are charting new territory, breaking boundaries, and doing things differently.