Talking with Women of Wonder:

In celebration of Women’s History Month, SHOWFIELDS wanted to take this moment in time to highlight the female founders and artists who are pushing the envelope with mission-based topics that resonate most with our community. We like to refer to them as our Women of Wonder or “WOW.” This week we will be sharing an interview with the Founder of Farewell.

Introducing Kellie Davidson, Founder of Farewell

What motivated/inspired you to start your company, Farewell?

KD: I was motivated to create products that decrease trash, specifically single use plastics and encourage people to prepare and bring their own healthy food from home. I believe consistent food preparation is one of the most basic acts of self love. Even something as simple as chopping a carrot for the next days snack is a tiny gift to yourself tomorrow. Food is such a big part of our lives and I think basic meal prep can be a joyful and easy ritual. Once you carve out the time and have the groceries it really can be a very repetitive and calming routine. And I love our bags - they are simple elegant and have thoughtful features such as zippered pockets adjustable straps and a built in cutting board. They can go from the beach to the board room effortlessly.

As a female leader, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?

KD: As a single mom, I often have to manage multiple tasks at once. Making time to just focus on one thing isn’t always possible.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

KD: If you’re ever in a work environment or meeting and you feel like you can’t be yourself or you have to hide aspects of your character to fit in, leave - trust that you can do better. Throughout my career, the situations where I felt authentic and valued were always the places where I excelled.

If someone is new to your brand - what's the first thing you'd suggest they try?

KD: Cutting a fresh avocado on our built-in cutting board and eating it right away in a salad or sandwich while on the go. So good!

What's a desert island product from your brand?

KD: Probably the Essential Utensils - Metal straw, knife, fork and spoon that can go wherever you need them.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

KD: These days, I am finding myself inspired by people who are satisfied with what they have and who prioritize joy and build it into their daily routine. So much of my career was about working towards future outcomes - now I am all about today.