Cancer Season Gift Guide 2022

Virgo season is upon us! These logical and practical zodiac signs can be some of the most good-hearted, caring friends. Surprise your Virgo BFF with your attention to detail in the form of a gift. Specifically a gift that emulates that of beauty and earth, aka the epitome of Virgos.


Speaking of beauty, As of Today presents us with the ultimate gift that a true beauty guru will appreciate, the Fridge Bundle. Keep all of your products fresh and clean in this state-of-the-art, premium skincare fridge, which includes a mirror with three light settings.


Gift this earth sign the Palo Santo candle by Joe + Monroe. Infused with essential oils, this candle is reminiscent of a roaring fireplace and the woodiness of Palo Santo.


Looking to destress a stressed out Virgo? Look no further than the Stress Relief patch by The Patch Brand. This patch helps them be their most cool, calm, and collected selves.


Let your Virgo buddy indulge in a sensory experience of not only a great tasting, but great smelling Peach Ice Tea by Vitapod. Loaded with a unique blend of electrolytes, essential vitamins and powerful plant-antioxidants, this will keep them energized for a day full of getting shit done!


A luxurious, yummy drink? How can a Virgo say no? Share the love with them with Mari’s Matcha by Bloom. Stone-ground from the finest hand-picked tea leaves in Kagoshima, Japan, this matcha is perfect for a natural boost in energy, focus, and concentration!


Skincare must be of the utmost importance to any earth sign, especially the ‘put together’ Virgo. Purvari brings us the most interesting all natural skincare products. Just one round of their Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask and we promise you’ll see a difference!!


You can never go wrong with a beautiful, classy bag for an earth sign. Our pick would have to be the Candy Bag by Songmont