Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care. Whether you're shopping for your significant other, treating yourself to a little self-love, or showing appreciation for your galentines, we've got you covered with our Valentine's Day gift guide. We've curated a list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas for all your Valentine's Day needs!

For your Boo

Our "for your boo" gift guide is perfect for those looking to surprise their sweetheart with something extra special this Valentine's Day. This guide is sure to make your loved one's heart flutter. From sweet and romantic gestures to gifts they won’t forget, we've got something for every type of couple.


Treat your loved one to the finest strawberries with Oishii Berry, it's worth the extra splurge! Shop in our BK store.

Maya Fragrances

Set the mood for a romantic Valentine's Day night with Maya Fragrances' Maya NO. 1 candle. It will create the perfect ambiance for that special night with your boo! Shop in our NOHO & MIAMI stores.

Forte Chocolate

If you don’t show your love to your boo with vday chocolate, what are you waiting for?! Pick up the heart truffle box from Forte chocolates. Shop in our NOHO & MIAMI stores.

League and Company

Having an activity to do with your significant other, is the perfect way to bond even more! Try out Leage and Company’s Giant-4-in-a Row asap! Shop in our DC store.

American Trench

Get all the vday swag with American Trench, right down to their Merino Retro stripe socks in red. Shop in our DC store.

Puzzles of Color

Sip a little red wine and have a wholesome evening doing a puzzle with the person you never get tired of. Shop in our DC & NOHO stores.


The perfect pair of cast iron skillets is the way to go the valentines day. You can even get the pans customized with your initials!! Shop in our DC & BK stores.


The gift everyone is raving about is Hai’s smart showerhead. Play your tunes and serenade your lover right from your shower. Shop in our DC, NOHO, and MIAMI stores.


Gift your love the perfect date night dress with L’Dezen’s 00'S BACKLESS SILK HALTER DRESS in color Sands. Shop in our NOHO store.

Olive & Piper

Give Olive & Piper’s Primrose Studs to go perfectly with that dress. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of them. Shop in our DC store.


Trust us. Your girl is looking for the perfect black pumps. Elizee has just the ones for them!! Shop in our DC store.

For Your Self Love

Valentine's Day is not just about romantic love, it's also about showing yourself some love. Our "self-love" gift guide is perfect for those looking to treat themselves to something special this Valentine's Day. 

Get Supr

Do yourself a favor and try Get Supr’s signature instant coffee + hemp for the extra “entourage effect,”with all the cannabinoids and terpenes, including 20mg of Hemp extract, the cannabis compound known for its many benefits but is non-psychoactive and does not produce a "high". Shop in our MIAMI & NOHO stores.


Try out a little self love with Jeuneora’s Weekend Wind down. Give your skin some serious TLC with this deep cleaning and super nourishing duo. Shop in our DC store.

Notes to Self

Don’t worry if you forget to remind yourself how beautiful you are. Notes to Self socks will do the trick for you. Shop in our DC store.


We know you’re in need of a classic loafer. So, spoil yourself this year with Clergerie’s Banel Loafers. Shop in our DC store.

Living Libations

When you’re doing your self care sunday, be sure to add Living Libations Roseglow Serum to the mix for perfect dewy glow. Shop in our DC store.


Try this elevated self care product. Place it in your apartment for that extra special touch! Shop in our DC & NOHO stores.

KonMari - Tuning Fork & Quartz Crystal Set

The best thing you can do for yourself is being able to reset at any point in the day. Do this with KonMari’s Tuning Fork & Quartz Crystal Set. Each of these tuning kits includes a proprietary KonMari tuning fork and accompanying crystal. Different crystals support specific rituals and intentions, so each set has a particular focus: balance, strength or unconditional love. Shop in our DC store.


Give yourself the gift of Chakrubs Heart Yoni Egg. This Rose quartz egg resonates with the heart chakra as a crystal of unconditional love. It emits a soft, feminine energy of compassion and receptivity, increasing one’s capacity to give and receive love. Shop in our BK store.

Face It, Boo

Test out Face It, Boo’s Duo Glow Set for the ultimate spa treatment. Shop in our DC store.


Remind yourself that you hold the key to your own heart with Eldora’s Love Key Pendant. Shop in our DC store.

For Your Galentines

Some may argue that Galentines is the most important of all! If you don’t have your girls, what do you have?? Our “for the galentines” gift guide is perfect for showing your gals just how much they mean to you.

Fancy Sprinkles

What’s more fun than Fancy Sprinkles!? Use their Cloud Nine Cocktail Decorating Kit for a fun galentines with all the gals! Shop in our BK store.

Sundae by Momiji

Get on the gals good side by gifting them Sundae by Momiji’s Season 1-Fantasy product in crimson red shade for bold lips and blush! Shop in our BK store.


If you really want to pop off this Galentines, give your favorite gal Lesetta’s LIVIA WRISTLET in red. Shop in our DC & NOHO stores.


Giving your girls a gift for inner growth is the best thing you can do with Folio’s 5 Minute Journal. Shop in our DC store.

Rise Garden

Another pop off gift for your favorite gal could be Rise Garden’s Single Family Garden. The gift that keeps growing!! Shop in our BK & DC stores.


Elevate anyone’s fashion look with this Noiranca Lisa bag in black. Shop in our BK store.

Sunni Sunni (Studio)

Your girlfriend will be wearing Sunni Sunni Reese square toe boot for years to come! So don’t hesitate investing in these! Shop in our BK store.

Melanie Marie

There couldn’t be a more perfect gift for your favorite gal than Melanie Marie’s Heart Charm Necklace. This dainty customized necklace is one you’ll never want to take off. Shop in our NOHO store.

Johannah Masters

Matching necklaces for all the gals is for sure the move. Try out Johannah Masters Total Eclipse of the Heart Necklaces for the ultimate girl gang symbol. Shop in our MIAMI store.

ALV Jewels

Your group might also be bracelet gals. If so, try ALV’s OIA BRACELETS. Shop in our MIAMI & NOHO stores.