Unique Cooking and Kitchenware Brands To Discover This Fall

SHOWFIELDS is celebrating the season of togetherness by highlighting a variety of culinary brands that are making a difference in your kitchen and the planet. Cook up a feast, give our planet a leg up, and nourish your body this fall— discover these noteworthy products that will bring flavor, flare, and sustainability to your next dinner party.

Together we can bring about greater change and impact than apart. Simply put - We are #BetterTogether.


Spiceology is a female-owned emerging spice brand that focuses on taste and quality. The brand curates unique blends by focusing on chef’s craft and not “food scientists.” With Spiceology your taste buds will be indulging in striking flavors since all the ingredients are locally made with responsible practices. Spiceology is on a mission to reinvent and create a more equitable food chain and provide access to a world of flavor discoveries. Travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home with the Spiceology six globally-inspired rubs and blends box. This variety pack is the perfect way to experiment with flavor and get your taste buds going. Discover more about the brand’s mantra and shop our favorite spices from the collection here.


Go trash-free this season with Re-Zip. These freezer bags are not only easy to clean and ensure a tight seal, but they're also made with FDA-approved PEVA material (lead-free). Say goodbye to Ziplock and say hello to 0 waste, Re-zip reusable baggies. You will be doing yourself and our planet a favor... It doesn't get better than that. Read more about Re-zip here.


Cleaner cooking and cleaner design, Caraway is a cooking ware brand that is on a mission to promote clean eating through non-toxic surfaces and thoughtful design. The cooking ware set does not include toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, nickel, or toxic metals. Caraway also refrains from using any form of hard anodization. This sleek, modern, and simple set has everything you’ll need for healthy cooking in your kitchen. Caraway cooking sets will help you stay organized in the kitchen and look good while doing so. Shop more from the brand’s collection here


Made in Germany with love, 58 Products focuses on porcelain products guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. The brand's mission focuses on happiness and brightening up any space on any given day and occasion. Start every morning off with a smile with the sculpted ‘laughing’ facial expression bowl. The premium bowl is made with genuine hard porcelain and its capacity is perfect for serving cereal, soup, snacks, and much more. Read more about 58 Products and discover more from the very happy collection here

6" Chef's Knife, $300, WÜSTHOF


WÜSTHOF is a sustainable brand that creates the perfect glide with its collection of chef’s knives. Each product is sleek, modern, and will grant you the perfect slice every time. WÜSTHOF has a wide range of other products related to precision-crafted, sharp blades. Shop more from the collection of blades here


Moleskine journals thrive on versatility and everyday life. Lightweight and flexible, these journals will seamlessly fit into your on-the-go schedule. The brand celebrates literacy and artistry by finding joy in putting pen to paper and releasing your poetic voice. The Moleskine recipe journal will allow you to bring all your cooking creations to life. Read more about Moleskine’s mantra and shop more from the collection of journals here


Fable’s sustainably crafted tableware will bring life to your home and the planet. The brand focuses on ethical practices and modern aesthetics to inspire togetherness at the table for days to come. The Dining Essentials Set has everything you need to host a cozy fall dinner party. The sleek designs will add the perfect touch to your dining table. Each ceramic is organically shaped, one-of-a-kind, and hand-finished in Portugal. Shop more from the collection of tableware here


Acid League is a female-founded, vegan, and plant-based brand that specializes in drinks, sauces, condiments, and beyond. The very interesting brand refuses to be categorized since it is constantly evolving. Acid League works in the realm of culinary and art. Having worked with chefs, bartenders, writers, and artists—it’s no secret this emerging brand is creative beyond measure. Let your taste buds indulge in sweet spice with Mango Jalapeno. The bottle is filled with mango and jalapeño juice and submerged into vinegar to preserve the fresh flavors in every drop. Discover more about Acid League’s mantra and shop our favorite condiments from the collection here


Taste Tuscany with Piro’s extra virgin olive oil. This female-founded, vegan brand strives to produce high antioxidant extra virgin olive oil with minimal environmental impact. Discover the brand’s best-selling award-winning High Antioxidant* Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olio Piro. Mezzo Litro. It’s the first Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil loaded with antioxidants, rich in monounsaturated fats, high in oleic acid to support blood pressure and help improve the immune system. Read more about Piro and shop the collection here.


The concept of minimalism is embodied in every Rigby tableware piece. The female-founded brand combines craftsmanship and timeless design to create everyday kitchenware that lasts. By prioritizing daily life and selecting useful products, each Rigby design is then brought to life in Europe. The final products have a look and feel you won’t forget. Check out more pieces from the Rigby collection here