Spring Into 6 Fresh Brands This Season

Since this season is all about new beginnings, what better way to start fresh than by springing into exciting new brands? Here is a list of very epic, to-die for brands that will help you revamp your routine with fresh offerings perfect for stepping into the new season.

Keep reading and take spring cleaning to a whole new level-- It's out with the old and in with The Most Interesting. 


We have just the “hack” for every food creation you have in mind this Spring. Discover the most interesting seasoning made to add that spunk of flavor your signature dish needs. Spice Hack curates one-of-a-kind spices for every kind of cook. Whether you’re a fan of grilling or a pasta enthusiast—Spice Hack has every kind of seasoning you need. For those spice lovers or someone looking to add a little heat to their mac and cheese or soup, try the Spicy Hack and garnish all your favorite dishes with a little kick! Shop the rest of the Hack collection and read more about the seasoning brand here


Ada Lip Beauty combines self-love, positivity, and confidence into one effortless beauty product. Putting on your favorite lip color has never felt better. Each Ada product is inspired by daily affirmations serving as a daily empowering reminder to speak positivity into existence. The Ada lip collection is made with plant-based ingredients and is completely cruelty-free, while each shade is made to compliment all skin tones and outfits. Free your lips with I Am Brave, a semi-matte, sheer & buildable gorgeous deep red shade—perfect for your next Spring soiree. With a sheer, buildable formula that's packed with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants, your lips will thank you. Shop the collection of lip shades and read more about Ada Lip Beauty here.


YY Nation is on a mission to create the most sustainable shoes in the world and then to make them better. The cruelty-free brand aims to change the way that the industry makes shoes by leading the way through innovation and full transparency by taking customers on the journey with them. The footwear collection features a range of styles, colors, and aesthetics to match everyday lifestyles and looks. The Cirro Wool is a super soft, wear-all-day lace-up sneaker made from ethically sourced merino wool with accents of pineapple husk leather. The shoes are super light-weight and can be dressed up or dressed down making it an incredibly versatile style. Read more about YY Nation and shop the whole footwear collection here.


Revamp the way you take your supplements this Spring with Mixhers. This empowering brand creates a variety of multi-beneficial powders made to help women take control of their unique happiness and health. Hergreens by MixHers is an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of greens. It nourishes your body with all the crucial vitamins and minerals you need from vegetable consumption while improving kidney, heart, and liver function. The unique mixture provides a full day's worth of greens per stick and lets not forget its irresistible flavor. Shop the mixture of greens and discover the rest of the unique collection of vitamin powder here.


Next time you and your loved ones are hanging on the porch during a beautiful Spring evening, do it with a tasty glass of Root Elixirs. Discover a new way to make at-home cocktails with this high-quality cocktail, female-founded brand-- Root Elixirs provides the ability to create top-shelf cocktails that you’d find in your favorite craft bar all with the very best ingredients. For a refreshing hint with every sip, try the Cucumber Elderflower mix. Made with light floral notes and relaxing sensation of cucumber, your taste buds will keep coming back for more. This very Spring drink is made with sparkling water, cane sugar, lemon juice, elderflowers, cucumber extract, and potassium sorbate. Read more about Root Elixirs and discover more tasty mixtures by the brand here


Say bye-bye to that rough morning after drinking alcohol. ZBiotics is a unique brand that makes a pre-alcohol probiotic drink scientifically designed to reduce the negative effects after drinking. Sound too good to be true? Think again. ZBiotics is on a mission to build products that improve everyday living so you can continue on making memories without that nasty next day. The Enhanced Probiotic mixture breaks down an unwanted alcohol byproduct called acetaldehyde – the primary culprit behind rough mornings after a night out. Add a ZBiotics bottle before you start your evening and shop the morning-saving drink here.