Cancer Season Gift Guide 2022

Happy Scorpio season everyone! Although scorpios are known to be mysterious and intimidating, these water signs are big softies with big hearts! Here is what to get your loyal Scorpio bestie during their birthday season: 


What is more scorpio than a shirt with skulls on it? Blkburd Genes TURKANA BOY CRANIUM Future Vintage Phygital Collectible is giving us major Scorpio vibes! Let your bff embrace their dark side.


These hard working busy bees never know when to rest, help your bestie relax with Reset Bioscience RESET Restore CBM. These blueberry flavor drops are hemp-derived cannabinol (CBN) extract sourced from premium hemp cultivated in the USA THC-Free. 


This seriously sinister weather requires the perfect big warm coat to stroll around in this season! GOBI Cashmere Belted Coat is a super comfy and cozy coat that is sustainably made with pure Mongolian cashmere, you'll feel like you're leaving the house in your favorite robe!


You have to get the Best of The Best for the best sign! That’s why Perfectly Cordial Best of The Best is the perfect gift for your bff. This delicious cordial comes with 4 flavors: Hibiscus & Honeycomb, Tropical Sour, Mango Mexican Chili, Pear Rose and Pink Peppercorn. It’s great to make cocktails for a party or just a movie night in!


The moon has a strong hold over Scorpio’s, making their emotions intense and powerful. The crescent moon provides nourishment and protection, get your bestie this beautiful Bestow Light Crescent Moon Necklace by Satya Jewelry to protect their peace and connect with the moon everyday.


Scorpios are known to be mysterious and edgy, which is why DMK Beautiful Scars Combat Boots is the perfect show to match their vibe! These party ready boots are not just cool but also super comfy!


Scorpios are known to be great lovers because they are so passionate and intense. It’s important for them to always be ready for whoever they will be spending a goodnight with! Ballsy The Sack Pack is a winning trifecta of men's products specifically aimed to take care of your most prized possessions. They will thank you later!


Although they are known for their tough exterior, scorpios are water signs and value their alone time and taking care of themselves. Skincare is one of the best forms of self care, help update your besties routine with Dr Naomi One Night Stand AHA Overnight Facial. This overnight sleeping mask brightens, tightens, resurfaces, and nourishes so you wake up to soft-touch, smooth, dewy, and glowing skin!