Cancer Season Gift Guide 2022

Leo season is upon us! And what do these signs love more than anything??? Being the center of attention and everyone worshiping at their feet? Very dramatic but if you know, you know. Too bad they are so lovable, so there’s no choice but to grab a gift for your Leo bestie! Check out our Showfields’ selects below.


How can we not talk about Playboy’s swimwear again? It’s giving sexy, flirty and fun. This Lace Up Back Bunny One Piece is the perfect gift to grab Leos. They won’t even blink twice before asking if they should try it on for you to drool at!


Leo’s have a certain image to uphold, which brings us to why they NEED a Freebeat bike. No one has to know how often they use it, it just looks badass sitting in their apartment, and everyone will probably mention it when they see it. But trust that it is an excellent and fun method of exercise. 


A night out on the town to celebrate a Leo goes great with Stone and Mason’s Silver Sydney XL. This silver metallic purse is bound to catch eyes which you know is just what the doctor ordered for a Leo.


Looking for something to match that beautiful bag? Look no further than Nocturne, serving us some of the most luxurious garments for women. This Royal Blue Draped Linen Dress says it all when it comes to the material girl zodiac sign. Hurry up, it looks like she’s on sale!! 


Because these fire signs are so energetic, your friend might have trouble winding down at the end of the night. So, gifting a little CBD can never hurt anyone. We suggest Hoo Raa’s Rest for the wicked for that oh so peaceful slumber they have been waiting for.