Join Us! Earth Day 2021 

2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of the place we call home. 

Here at SHOWFIELDS, we take pride in treating every day like Earth Day by recognizing eco-conscious living and spotlighting ethical products, brands, and stories. We believe being world aware is essential and despite our current global limitations, SHOWFIELDS is excited to use our platform and continue the conversation by partnering up with the Earth Day Initiative. 

Earth Day Initiative is a non-for-profit dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and solutions. They are also in partnership with March for Science as well as Greta Thunberg's Friday for Future for this virtual campaign. 

“This is a pivotal year for our global community to acknowledge and respect the science of climate and COVID. We hope that the Earth Day 2021 Virtual Stage and Festival sets the tone ahead of the Biden Administration’s global climate summit to be held this coming Earth Day,” says John Oppermann, Executive Director for Earth Day Initiative.

This crucial time has really brought a focus onto the planet and while we still remain sheltered due to the global pandemic, we can still create waves being homebound. On April 19th, you can join SHOWFIELDS and take part in Earth Day Initiative's Virtual Festival from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The online rally aims to unite communities and spark dialogue about climate change, environmental protection, and ways you can help our planet. You can even catch some of our brand partner founders to appear as part of the Virtual Fair to promote their stories and products to anyone who comes to SHOWFIELD's booth-booth #19.

The event is FREE and provides an opportunity for environmentally-forward organizations and attendees to band together to elevate the climate conversation while identifying ways to make a positive impact across all communities in this critical year. 

The interactive affair was inspired by 90's video games and with self-made avatars, attendees can interact with other activists, speak with climate scientists and even partake in a giant virtual climate march.

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SHOWFIELDS is also celebrating Earth Month offline by incorporating various eco-friendly themes in-store.

Come visit us and discover our NYC ground floor space where we will be promoting our own Waves of Impact campaign in collaboration with the Earth Day Initiative, which will include a curation of our ethical products and sustainable brands.

This space will include the Earth Day Initiative call to action "Do 1 thing" with an interactive experience asking guests what is one thing they are doing to save the planet. 

We want to remind you that as a community, it is our job to take action and help nurture our planet by making lasting, progressive changes. Whether it's joining an online rally, using reusable products, or shopping sustainably- no action is small and every action will make an impact.

Happy Earth Day from the family here at SHOWFIELDS! #TogetherWeCan

For more information on the virtual initiative and how to register, click here.

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