Q&A With Urban Jungle Founder: Paul Tsalikis

What excites you most about your Showfields activation?

PT: I’m excited for Urban Jungle to call the most interesting store in the world home! Our mission is to empower self-confidence, embrace inclusivity and encourage individuality – there is no space more fitting than Showfields to amplify this message. I’m looking forward to helping people discover Urban Jungle’s bullshit free beauty. 

What inspires you?

PT: Travel! I love being in a new city and connecting with the culture, architecture, food and people. I’m curious by nature and am fortunate to have experienced so many of the world’s quirks and so much of its beauty.

How would others describe you?

PT: Passionate, very passionate about everything I do, curious, and playful, I also like to think I am generous and caring!  

What do you do in your free time?

PT: I’ve recently moved to London, so you’ll find me exploring my new neighborhood and enjoying all this amazing city has to offer. From the theater to restaurants, shopping to unwinding in Hyde Park; I’m loving immersing myself in this 24-hour city! 

What do you believe is your superpower?

PT: My ability to adapt. I think it’s important to always be open to change. 

What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career?

PT: “Learn to let go of the things you cannot control.”

As hard as it can be at times, I try to trust in life’s timing. I focus my attention on where I can make impact and do work I am proud of. 

Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it?

PT: Absolutely! I’m human, after all.

Through experience, I have a good gauge on when I’m stretching myself too thin and try to ground myself in the things that calm me. I’ll spend time with family, friends and carve out time for exercise – the treadmill is my escapism from a busy day! Where possible, I’ll spend time in my homeland Greece for a mind, body reboot.

What motivated you to start your company? 

PT: Urban Jungle was born from a need to see more representation in the beauty industry, especially skincare! As a proud gay man from an immigrant family, I thought it was time to shake things up and create a brand aimed at embracing inclusivity, welcoming all, and helping people fearlessly tackle life with swagger and confidence.