Interview With Face it, Boo Founder: Monique Curtis

What inspired you to start your own business? 

M: I started my business because I was exhausted from trying to find a natural solution to help clear up my skin from the latest breakout. I’ve always had sensitive skin and couldn’t use a lot of products because certain ingredients would make my skin react quickly. After the latest breakout from someone touching my face randomly, I knew I wanted to find something to help clear it up fast but not use anything too harsh.

How do you strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture within your business?

M: Face it, Boo products are for everyone. If you have skin, you can use my products. I plan on keeping it that way. I want everyone to feel included and I want everyone to be confident while using my products. I’ve always included everyone around me even if I haven’t always felt included in every aspect of life. I never want anyone to feel my products aren’t for them. Hopefully, when my business grows, I will be able to employ people from all walks of life also. 

What challenges have you faced as a black business owner and how have you overcome them?

M: I have faced many challenges as a black business owner. One is funding and I’m funding this business myself currently. Marketing is hard in the beauty space because there are a lot of brands in this space, but since you’re dealing with the largest organ it’s hard to get people to trust your product will work for them. Being consistent on social media is very hard too when you’re working full-time and running a business simultaneously.  

How do you hope to contribute to the advancement of black entrepreneurship in your industry?

M:  I plan to show the ups and downs of everything I am going through as a business owner. By showing my failures and successes, I can be transparent and help the next business owner to avoid some of the hiccups I’ve encountered along the way.

What advice do you have for other black individuals looking to start their own businesses?

M: I have a few lol. Do your research and just start. Try not to compare. I know it’s hard with social media, but you never know how long someone else’s journey was for them to post their destination. Also, post your content! I am still guilty of this, being my worst critic, but the quality of photos/videos may not be perfect to you... post them anyway. You can’t get better at something if you never start or even try. Most importantly, don’t give up, but take breaks because self-care is a must.

If someone is new to your brand, what product would you suggest?  

M: I’d suggest the Duo Glow Set. You get to try a gentle cleanser and face cream that doubles as a moisturizer and spot remover. It’s really like having 5 different products in 2 bottles.  

What other black owned businesses are you currently inspired by?

M: There are so many, to be honest. To name a few DC’s own The Spice Suite by Angel, The Crayon Case by Supa, and The Mane Choice by Courtney. All are black women who have been very transparent about their journey and give back to the community. I aspire to be on their level of success soon.

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