Interview With As Of Today Founder and CEO:
Sarah Choi

What inspires you?

SC: When I do my skincare routine every morning and night, I wonder if there are products that comfort, refresh, and motivate me. This inspired me to share that feeling of support with everyone. I wanted to make clean beauty products that felt like a friend that lifts you on your busiest days. I created this brand to celebrate individuality and beauty. With clean ingredients, I aim to inspire a positive, modern, and effective minimalized skincare routine. AS OF TODAY, is all about being confident, overcoming adversity, and dedicating yourself to being better than yesterday, as of today.

How would others describe you?

SC: Friendly, sweet, caring, people person to others, goal-oriented, self-motivated and strict to myself. 

What do you do in your free time?

SC: Doing exercise (Barre, Pilates, walking, etc); Eating good foods; Talking to my friends and reading books.

What do you believe is your superpower?

SC: God and my sons and my family and my friends who trust me fully. 

What has been the most powerful piece of criticism you've received and how has it affected your career?

SC: Because of my soft side, some people tried to manipulate and overpower me. Therefore I have to express my thoughts and opinions more straight forward. 

Do you ever experience burnout and how do you handle it?

SC: Whenever I stress out, I try to do more exercises and clean the house. Then, I feel more organized and focused. 

What motivated you to start your company? 

SC: Self-love: I believe skincare is all about caring, loving, and dedicating time to being your best self.

Positivity: With much stress and obstacles in your way, taking care of yourself gets harder. I care about my health and hope to create a positive experience to influence the rest of the world.

Unity: Caring about yourself also means sharing that love and positivity with others. My goal is to create a supportive one-of-a-kind community with tools that help to grow and inspire.

These three values are what I hold dear during my life, and I always want everyone to be happy and positive in any circumstances. I always study for the things that I’m interested in. To get the perfect scent of AS OF TODAY, I went to perfume school and achieved the certificate. Also, I went to a manufacturing company for a year to learn how to handle every single step and process of beauty industries. If I can do it, anyone can do it.