Getting Down and Toastyy with Brand Founder Jamie Lea 

An essential part of Showfields curation of Rebirth is our CBD Lounge dedicated to the best of the best CBD brands. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jamie Lea, founder of Toastyy, to hear about why CBD is so important as well as how Toastyy is incredibly unique and standing out from the rest! Check out the interview below: 

What was your motivation in starting Toastyy?

JL: I have been a cannabis consumer since I was 17 years old. Being introduced to cannabis at a younger age helped my body in sports recovery tremendously. I have been playing volleyball since I was six or seven years old and once you hit Division 1 sports, it becomes somewhat like a ‘full time job’. I experienced much tendonitis in my knees, stress fractures, ankle reconstruction surgery and day to day wear and tear. CBD and cannabis have played a huge role in my speedy recovery process but also helped me to balance and manage school, work and day to day life stress and anxiety. It wasn’t until covid 19 came about that I got the extra push to dive further into my passions with CBD and cannabis. My anxiety, stress and insomnia was at an all-time high due to the life changes COVID brought along and the day to day social injustices 2020 presented.

I also wanted to create a community and safe space for women to openly use and discuss cannabis. Being a Toastyy babe is more than using the products, it's a way of life. How we carry ourselves, motivate one another, inspire and move. Setting trends and standing for what we believe in. There is also a huge lack of justice and representation in the cannabis industry and I am motivated to make a change. 

What is unique about Toastyy CBD products?

JL: All of Toastyy’s products have a purpose and meaning behind them. They have all truly helped me in some way, shape or form. They make me feel and look good from the inside out, and I wanted to share that with other ladies. Toastyy does incorporate CBD into most products, however, CBD is an added benefit. I wanted to create a line of products that women can use day in and day out. Bettering their skin, health, anxiety, stress and more with a cherry on top (CBD is THAT cherry!) It is natural, plant-based and powerful. 

Where do you source your products from?

JL: All hemp is sourced from the USA, specifically Oregon or Colorado. All ingredients and products are made in the USA.

Is there something you do that none of your competitors do?

JL: Like every industry, cbd can be seen as ‘over-saturated’. No other company is Toastyy and that's what makes us unique. At Toastyy we strive to provide quality, clean, and luxury products at affordable pricing for the masses. Most competitors charge you high pricing for their ‘brand’, however, not everyone can afford $90+ for a 1oz face oil. I want to make sure that no matter your job status, race or income, women all over can still have access to high quality products and ingredients.

How has CBD wellness changed in your opinion?

JL: During Covid, a lot of people started to care more and more about what they are ingesting and putting into and on their bodies. Take make up now, companies are restrategizing to make clean beauty products now, as if it were never not important.

As more and more education about CBD/cannabis is starting to come out, people are more open to trying them and realizing that this is a natural product that blends perfectly with their individual endocannabinoid system. I feel that I am finding more and more people resulting in natural, sustainable and plant-based solutions to help their wellness journeys. It has been so exciting to see!! 

Why should people who have never tried your products, consider it?

JL: At Toastyy, I pride myself on being transparent. Transparent with ingredients, lab tests and more. I can’t tell you the countless times I have heard people try hemp seed oil from amazon at 3000mg and get disappointed because they felt nothing. Or on the flip side, they take something like cbd and have an awful experience but then later on they cannot go back to see what was in that particular product because the brand doesn't allow it. Being transparent allows people to see what is truly in their product and what they are putting into their bodies.

Toastyy is also a PROUD partner of the Last Prisoner Project and we love donating and giving back to causes that matter. Besides that, we are new and fresh on the scene, black owned, women owned, cruelty free, lab tested, locally made, USA made, vegan, non gmo, WBE certified and more! We also do our best to be continued educators on cbd from how to use, how to dose, what is it, answering questions, how to make recipes, how to be discrete and more. We are more than a brand, we are a community that's here to help other women feel and look their best!

What is Toastyy doing next that you are most excited about?

JL: Toastyy is quickly approaching their 1 year anniversary. To me that's a huge milestone! Being your own boss and starting from scratch, during a pandemic was hard and terrifying so we are so stoked to celebrate the small and big wins.

Toastyy is also switching it up a bit and focusing more on cbd beauty and self-care. I have been trying out some natural products that help with daily issues that I struggle with that come alongside Hashimoto's/thyroid disease and they have been making a huge difference in my life. Functional mushrooms & skin care for the win! 

*You can shop Toastyy at or at Showfields NY coming this April!