Interview with The Founder of FullWell

FullWell is redefining everything you know about reproductive health with its Registered Dietitian-formulated fertility wellness products. Come to SHOWFIELDS Brooklyn to learn about their popular, research-backed supplements and mission to educate on everything Sex Ed skipped over.

Ayla Barmmer

What problem is your brand solving? 

As the only Registered Dietitian-formulated prenatal, FullWell delivers evidence-based formulas with exacting quality control, testing, and transparency practices far exceeding the industry standard. What many people don’t realize is that behind most supplement companies are marketing professionals, not subject matter experts. There are also very few women who are formulating prenatal dietary supplements! 

What initially motivated you to launch FullWell?

FullWell had humble beginnings. My motivation centered on a need I saw in my private practice for evidence-based formulas that had the level of quality control, testing, and transparency that I, as a practitioner, wanted for my fertility and prenatal patients. FullWell officially launched when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second baby and with a single Instagram post and messages to my private practice patients. Up to that point, I’d dedicated five years to research and development (and had a few failed attempts, which resulted in some painful moments along the way). I stayed motivated, knowing there was an enormous need for products that anyone could feel confident taking during this critical stage of life. 

What is the KEY item everyone needs from your brand?

The women’s prenatal multivitamin + men’s multivitamin bundle is the critical foundation for couples trying to conceive. This bundle ensures that both men and women get what they need in the preconception period, which leads to a healthier pregnancy and baby’s long-term health. Culturally, we view infertility and pregnancy health strictly as women’s health issues, but the reality is that men’s preconception health holds an equal impact and should be treated as such.

When designing your collections/products, where do you draw inspiration from?

I always start with the question, “What is truly needed?” because dietary supplements are meant to supplement the diet. We all have limited bandwidth for how many we are willing to incorporate into our routines. Every product FullWell makes provides what the majority of the population needs to thrive. We won’t create unnecessary products or have a “pixie dusting” of buzzword ingredients just for marketing purposes. Our formulas are research-backed, expertly formulated based on almost 20 years of practice experience, peer-reviewed, and highly effective. 

Thinking back to when you started FullWell, what do you wish you knew that would have made launching easier?

In the early days, I couldn’t order the volume necessary to be taken seriously by manufacturing partners, so I was a thorn in their side about timing and overall project management. It took delays that led to launching right before giving birth (not something I’d recommend to anyone for the sake of postpartum recovery)! I had to be loud and annoying to make my product how I wanted it. Moral of the story? Maybe I needed a bullhorn.

Are there any new products you are super excited about (or any new updates from your brand you want to share)?

It’s difficult to choose because we have a few new products coming up that are very exciting! Our new Fertility Booster is a product I continue to be thrilled about. It combats the stressors of our modern environments on our bodies, offering potent antioxidants like NAC, CoQ10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid and fertility-supporting adaptogen Ashwagandha. This blend makes up some of the most well-studied ingredients for fertility and overall health, and while men and women have unique needs, all humans can benefit from it. It’s the combo product I’ve been trying to make for years now, but it took until recently to find the level of quality of ingredients that met my standards. 

What is your superpower?

The (perhaps) naive optimism that I can do just about anything and will take the (calculated) risks to do it. As a woman and mom of two, I started this company with hard-earned seed money from my private practice and a desire to make better quality products for my community.