Female Founded Brands to Add to Your Shopping List

The influence women have in mission-based, innovative brands—from discovering new and powerful ingredients to gaps in the market that take the world by storm—is major. That’s why we’re celebrating the female founders that are redefining standards of beauty, clothing, sustainability, and inclusivity by creating products we can’t live without. Shop brands from our female founded curation in Miami below! 


If you are a girl on the go you know the struggle of traveling with a full skincare routine. DPTMNT's Hero Collection is here to save you! This travel-friendly skincare line includes a toner, moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, and anti-pollution serum. All are made with fresh ingredients and vitamins so you don’t have to worry about your skin on vacation!


What’s better than a lounge set? A sustainable lounge set you can dress up or down from Sani's Leopard Loungewear Set - Garden Party. The high-quality, super-soft fabric will keep you comfortable all day or all night. Wear your Garden Party set from bed to your morning Zoom calls. Maybe even as a casual yet cool grocery run look, a matching gift for bridesmaids, or anything else. You decide!


Enhance your nighttime routine with Fig.1's Retinol Night Cream! Fig.1’s unique step-up system allows your skin to acclimate to retinol at its own pace and features several innovative safeguards against irritation and instability, such as encapsulation, airless packaging, and an ultra-nourishing base. 


Say bye to sagging skin, double chin, and wrinkles on your face. Your journey to a glowing face starts here with Glowin Face & Body Cupping Set! This set contains three cups – two for the face, neck, décolletage and one for the body. Facial Cupping will depuff your face, release tension in the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling toned, firm, and glowing. Body cupping helps relieve muscle tension, promotes cell repair, aids in the regeneration of tissues, reduces cellulite and tones + smoothes the skin. 


Looking for a new signature scent? Look no further! Maya Base Mini 5ML is an easy portable roll-on perfume oil that adapts to your body chemistry and the environmental elements to create a scent that is yours and yours alone. 


Revamp your makeup routine with a cute, fresh and sustainable cheek and lip stain! Gen See's Clean Sheen Cheek + Lip Color comes in 3 stunning colors that are perfect for winter: Apple 01, Apricot 02, and Plum 03. This buildable, blendable color will give you a natural, glowing flush to your already beautiful complexion!


There is nothing more essential to a wardrobe than a classic gold hoop! We think that Eldora Jewelry's Chunky Crescent Hoops are the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry box! Hallowed crafted in 18k solid Italian gold, these hoops create a statement look that’s both lightweight and comfortable to wear all day!


Nothing is worse than having that mid day migraine from your third cup of coffee. Try something different with Olyxir’s Energize Tea. Enjoy them in the morning or midday for an energizing boost with just enough caffeine guaranteed not to give you the jitters. 


With Revellenation you can find jeans that fit your perfectly! First you will take a quiz describing your body type. Then you can explore the many options they give you and give feedback on what you love and hate. Finally you can checkout with jeans that you adore!