Empowering Fitness Brands to Tackle The New Year With 

New year, new goals, new healthy mindset. SHOWFIELDS constantly advocates for mental and physical health by partnering with brands to help you achieve any goal.  

With 2021 behind us, 2022 is filled with endless possibilities of growth and exploration. If you’re looking for products to help you smash your fitness goals this year, continue reading and discover 8 very interesting brands that support a motivated and healthy lifestyle. 


For days you need more serious downtime, CLMBR Connected created a revolutionary cardio and strength machine made for everybody. This one-of-a-kind machine was made to empower users to achieve greater efficiency-- guaranteeing more strength and leverage each time. Read more about CLMBR and shop the up-and-coming workout machine here.


BRRRN is a sustainable brand where innovation and personal experiences combine to create efficient and convenient workouts. Slide right into the new year with the adjustable BRRRN board; this unique board will elevate your whole routine and become part of your lifestyle. If you are looking for new ways to switch up your routine, then the BRRRN Board should be number one on your list. Pair it with BRRRN’s at-home, on-demand subscription with hundreds of workouts to really amp it up. Discover more about the brand's mission and shop the collection here


If boxing is something you’ve always wanted to take on but couldn’t find the time to commit to lessons, then Liteboxer is your epic solution. The emerging brand aims to give fitness-seekers the benefits of boxing training in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Get started with the Liteboxer starter package that includes everything from Gloves, Wraps, Free Shipping ($250 value), and a Free 1 Month Membership Trial. Shop the collection and read more about the innovative brand here


Time to merge your favorite childhood memory with your fitness regimen…The Ness is a female-founded brand that focuses on making you the best version of yourself—because it is all about how you feel and not how you look. Refresh your cardio from home with the cushioned bounce of The Ness springless low-impact trampoline. The trampoline is powered by JumpSport® and is perfect for any body type and will seamlessly fit into any space and routine. Shop the unique trampoline here and discover more about The Ness and its mission here


Eleeels is a sustainable, fitness brand with the goal to encourage you to live with passion and to conquer any obstacle in the way. The brand is known for a range of products uniquely crafted to prevent and treat muscle-related injuries while also strengthening and increasing muscle tone and flexibility. X3 is the latest massage device in X Series Family of ELEEELS. The massager is convenient and easy to carry around and has a vibration frequency between 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. X3 is made to stimulate natural reflexes, increases muscle activation, and improve circulation. Shop more from the ELEEELS collection here. 


Since this season is all about discovering new things and prioritizing yourself, The Good Patch has you covered, (literally). The Good Patch is a female-founded brand that was created with the idea of; when the people around you feel good, life is more beautiful. The brand offers patches with purely plant-based ingredients and patches with organically farmed industrial Hemp. Unwind after a long workout and add the Relax patch infused with easygoing, tried and true plant-based ingredients to your nightly routine. Shop more from the collection of patches here.


Vibrants is a cruelty-free and sustainable brand on a mission to spread the joy of feeling better with natural remedies. The products are made to help every single user restore the optimal balance between mind, body, nature & spirit. The perfect remedy for sore muscles, Vibrants’ pain relief patches are embedded with natural bio-frequencies that deliver the vital information your body needs to reduce pain and inflammation — without drugs or side effects. Shop more from the collection of sustainable patches here.