Earth Month

As Earth Month approaches, many of us are thinking about ways we can make a positive impact on the planet. From reducing our carbon footprint to supporting eco-friendly brands, there are countless ways we can work towards a more sustainable future. One area where we can make a difference is in the products we use in our daily lives. By choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products, we can help reduce waste and preserve our planet's natural resources. So let’s explore some of these top products available at Showfields, and how they can make a difference for the environment.


Introducing the Slashop Bamboo Sheet Set, the ultimate solution for pet owners who want to keep their bedding free from pesky pet hair. Their Bamboo Sheet Set is designed to repel fur, dander, and dust, making it easier to maintain a clean sleeping environment. It's perfect for families with pets and small children. The Bamboo hybrid fabric is silky soft and naturally breathable, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. The material is hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and naturally resistant to bacteria, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. With sustainability and comfort in mind, Slashop sources only the finest in highly renewable and water-efficient Bamboo and Eucalyptus fibers for their fabrics. Get your hands on the Slashop Bamboo Sheet Set and experience a new level of comfort and cleanliness.


For Days Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee is not only stylish and versatile, but it's also eco-friendly. For Days is a brand committed to sustainability, making 100% recyclable fashion in a zero-waste system available to everyone. The Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee is made from sustainable fabrics, ensuring it's kind to the environment. Its relaxed fit and crew neckline make it perfect for everyday wear, whether you're running errands or spending a day at the office. You can pair it with your favorite vintage jeans for a casual look or layer it under a blazer for a more polished outfit. By choosing For Days Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee, you're not only getting a high-quality piece of clothing but also supporting a brand that cares about the planet.


This Earth Month, try Lush's Magnesium Massage Bar for an invigorating pre-workout massage. Infused with magnesium oil, wintergreen oil, and caffeine powder, it prepares your mind and body for any activity. Lush's zero-waste culture prioritizes avoiding single-use materials, using regenerative materials, and localized composting initiatives. So not only does this massage bar benefit your body, but it's also eco-friendly.


Step out in style this Earth Month with The Katy Perry Collections Geli® sandals in Vintage Pink Butterfly. These sandals feature a snazzy toe post ornament and a scented footbed, making them stand out from the rest. But what makes them even better is that each pair is made with recycled components, making them an eco-friendly choice. The sandals are GRS certified and made from recycled PVC, with an adjustable quarter strap for maximum comfort. When it's time to say goodbye to your sandals, you can recycle them by simply cutting off the metal buckle. Katy Perry Collections is committed to sustainability, ensuring that their products are stylish and good for the environment!


The Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle can help you make your positive impact on the environment. Made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, this water bottle is durable, easy to clean, and doesn't transfer any unwanted flavors. Plus, it's BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it a safe and convenient choice for your everyday adventures. With TempShield®️ double-wall vacuum insulation, your cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks will stay hot for up to 12 hours. The leakproof Flex Cap and Honeycomb™️ Insulated Cap ensure maximum temperature retention and prevent spills. The wide-mouth opening is ice-cube friendly, making it easy to add ice and get a refreshing gulp of water on a hot day. This water bottle also fits most backcountry water filters, so you can stay hydrated on all your outdoor adventures. By using a reusable water bottle like the Hydro Flask, you're helping to reduce single-use plastic waste and supporting a company that values corporate responsibility. So, fill up your Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle and get ready for your next adventure while making a positive impact on the planet.


With Earth Month upon us, there's no better time to start thinking about how we can take better care of our planet. And what better way to do so than by nourishing the plants that help keep our ecosystems thriving? Flourish ALL-PURPOSE ORGANIC PLANT FOOD is an excellent choice for those looking for an eco-friendly plant food option. Made from naturally-derived, organic ingredients, this plant food provides essential nutrients and microbes that help sustain healthy plant growth during vegetative growth and early stages of flowering or fruit production. With 70% quick-release, plant-ready nutrients and 30% slow-release, microbe-dependent food, this plant food is designed to last just long enough to provide your plants with everything they need to thrive. And, as an added bonus, it's 100% water-soluble, making it incredibly easy to use with just the Flourish vessel.


We are so fortunate to have innovative products like The Rise Garden that offer a sustainable and efficient solution for growing fresh produce right in the comfort of your home. With the ability to grow up to 108 different types of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, this award-winning indoor garden is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and take control of their food supply. The Rise Garden's hydroponic planting system significantly reduces water waste compared to traditional gardening methods, making it an eco-friendly choice. And with advanced engineering features and a companion app that guides you through every step of the growing process, you can rest assured that you'll have a bountiful harvest without any guesswork.


During Earth month, t's important to recognize the significant impact our fashion choices have on the environment. That's why companies like Save Your Wardrobe are so important in promoting sustainable fashion practices. Save Your Wardrobe was founded by CEO and Co-Founder Hasna Kourda, who grew up in Tunisia witnessing firsthand the environmental issues caused by discarded textiles from European countries. Her grandmother, a shining example of circularity, taught her how to make the most of each textile and inspired her to create Save Your Wardrobe. This innovative platform aims to make consumers more aware of their after-purchase behavior and provides solutions for repurposing or recycling clothing items to prevent them from ending up in landfills. By sharing these stories and promoting circularity, we can all work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry.


It's important to consider the environmental impact of our choices, including the gadgets we use on a daily basis. That's where Paper Shoot Camera comes in. Not only is it a stylish throwback to the 90s, but it's also an eco-friendly digital camera that promotes creativity and sustainability. With the Paper Shoot Camera, you can capture moments without contributing to the waste caused by disposable cameras, all while enjoying the simplicity and aesthetic they provide. Plus, the lack of screens and controls allows you to be fully present in the moment, making memories that will last a lifetime.


Why not show your skin some love while also showing love to the planet? Pure + Planted CBD Face Serum is the perfect solution. This woman-owned brand uses only the finest, sustainably-sourced ingredients to create their products, including phytocannabinoid-rich CBD from craft hemp. With the triple actions of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and CBD, this face serum is a powerful tool for rejuvenating your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. And you can feel good about using it, knowing that it's made in small batches and third-party lab tested for purity and consistency. Pure + Planted is dedicated to using only what Mother Earth offers, and their commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing is evident in every drop of this luxurious face serum. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!


Mersi’s Alicia Crossbody is crafted from shimmering vegan leather. This signature style offers a chic and sustainable alternative to traditional leather handbags, and with its durable chain trim and relaxed silhouette, it adds an effortless edge to any outfit. With its fully adjustable chain strap, you can wear it as a crossbody, hang it off your shoulder, or even detach the chain to carry it as a luxurious clutch. But it's not just about style - Mersi is a brand committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The Alicia Crossbody is handmade using quality materials and is PETA Approved vegan. Plus, 10% of profits go to animal sanctuaries and other important causes.


Hai's surf hai smart innovative shower system not only provides better water pressure but also helps you reduce water waste. Its water-powered Bluetooth® technology connects with the hai app to track your water usage over time, so you can see your environmental impact and make changes accordingly. The customizable LED lights also let you know when the water is warm and if you've reached your target water limit. With a seamless slider for easy spray setting adjustments, a high-quality stainless-steel material, and an easy-to-clean, mold-resistant PVC hose, this showerhead is both sustainable and long-lasting. Best of all, it's easy to install with DIY instructions included, so you don't need a plumber to enjoy a better shower experience while also helping the environment.