What is The Phluid Project?

As we all raise our rainbow flags, wear our colorful ensembles, and bathe in an abundant amount of love and support- taking a step back and recognizing the true meaning of Pride Month should be at the top of our lists. SHOWFIELDS believes in celebrating love during pride and everyday after it by spotlighting incredible LGBTQ+ brands that are not only innovative and chic, but are all on a mission for good.

Discover and support some of the most interesting queer-owned brands that are pushing the envelope and making waves with SHOWFIELDS. This Pride Month we are excited to introduce the world of Phluid- gender-free fashion, worldwide. Leading the world of queer-clothing and apparel, The Phluid Project strives to create a space where everybody can feel free to be who they are and wear what they want. 

This inclusive brand was founded in 2018 by Rob Smith. His vision was to combine his experience with retail leadership with his passion for helping LGBTQIA+ youth to form the Phluid Project. "The style is all about identity and unfettered self-expression," says Smith. "At the same time it’s a statement, a symbol of resistance against dated constructs that no longer work for us. I’m going to push back and celebrate my authentic self." 

Embrace yourself and get rid of society's shackles with The Phluid Project. The collection was created to emphasize 'the freedom to be.' Each piece is bright, unique, and timeless which reflects a message of opportunity, power, and self-expression; Phluid: meaning to dissolve the boundaries of gender, skin, and status. 

From fragrances to eccentric t-shirts, The Phluid Project collection aims to fill a void for inclusive fashion. The brand serves as both a source for gender neutral clothing, accessories and beauty products, plus information and support for members of the LGBTQ community. Every single one of those messages can be seen throughout each piece and product created by Phluid, all with the goal of challenging boundaries and celebrating differences. 

Discover more about the eloquent world of Phluid right in the heart of SHOWFIELDS New York all month long.