SHOWFIELDS' CBD Culture Lounge Awaits You...  

If you’re looking to add CBD to your daily regimen but have no idea where to start, SHOWFIELDS has a space dedicated to clean, mission-driven, and incredibly interesting cannabis-infused products waiting to be discovered by you. The options are endless and you can find the popular plant-based ingredient in almost everything from skincare to supplements and let’s not forget a glass of your (soon to be) favorite sparkling spritzer.

If you want to get close and personal with our favorite CBD brands— be sure to stop by and visit SHOWFIELDS’ unique lounge, but until then, keep reading to shop must-have CBD products, perfect for the summer season. Here’s to less stressful, more chill days ahead.


BATCH is a family-owned business headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that takes pride in its craft and authenticity. The brand manufactures various CBD products including tinctures, lotions, balms, gels and more. The hemp is sourced from a small-town organic farm in Wisconsin and BATCH's unique "in-house" approach to extraction, formulation, and testing sets them a part from the rest. The emerging CBD brand takes pride in providing customers with complete transparency. For relief you can feel, be sure to check out BATCH's CBD Balm: Fire & Ice. For a quick recovery and convenient packaging, this balm will become your go-to "quick-fix." The brand believes in telling their story through each product-strongly advocating for costumers knowing exactly how the CBD is made, where it's made, and who's making it. Discover more from the sustainable brand here and shop the Balm in-store or directly through BATCH's website


Spring into the season by opening up a can of ultra smooth and refreshing CBD cocktail by Flyers Cocktail Co. This emerging CBD brand was founded by three “thrill-seeking” Australian lads on a mission to bring the chill wherever you go. The canned drinks are formulated with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, which offers a relaxing feeling and no psychoactive effects. Sounds too good to be true, right? The ultra-smooth and chill flavor is accompanied by unique bold and bitter notes which will keep you coming back for more. BKLN GOLD by Flyers Cocktail has to be our favorite sip yet. How can you not enjoy a drink that pays homage to NYC? This edition blends traditional flavors of oak barrel, spice and the silky sweetness of American cola. Enjoy all three flavor options by Flyers Cocktail including Brooklyn Gold, Tokyo Marg, and Sydney Spritz. Shop the collection of canned cocktails and discover more about this epic brand at SHOWFIELDS’ very own in-store CBD Lounge.


Start or finish your day with a sip of CENTR— a refreshing and relaxing, light, CBD sparkling water. Made with only 40 calories of natural goodness, CENTR is made with Carbonated Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Citrus Flavor, Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, and Lemon Juice Concentrate. For those seeking a healthier option, discover CENTR's Sparking Citrus Sugar Free version. With no added sugar and extra sweetness, this refreshing-balanced drink will become your go-to sip this summer season. Each unique flavor is made for on-the-go activities, chilling by the pool, or anyone ready to put a period on a day done well. The brand also features hydrating electrolyte mixtures that will give you the extra kick your body needs. Take a break and find your CENTR right here in SHOWFIELDS and shop the collection of CBD beverages in-store. 


Feel the perfect amount of 'chill' with Microdose's THC Gummies. Unlike most CBD brands, Microdose strives to craft the perfect balance of CBD, CBG, and therapeutic terpenes with added benefits of THC. It contains Balanced-Spectrum™ hemp extract, guaranteeing a good time with every gummy. The flavor will always have you wanting more since each gummy is a perfect blend of grown juicy strawberries, blueberries, and marionberries. Microdose believes in supporting wellness and letting the good times roll. Shop the THC Gummies in-store while discovering more about this one-of-a-kind CBD brand. 


Take self-care to a whole new level this season with Pure + Planted. This innovative brand has been in the cannabis business for decades and is continuing to make an impact with its CBD and hemp-derived products. With a goal to elevate lives, Pure + Planted locally sources all ingredients to carefully and thoughtfully craft its CBD goods. If you’re curious and want to add CBD into your daily routine—The CBD Self Care Kit - Sandalwood Rose by Pure + Planted is made for all CBD enthusiasts, even if you're just starting out. The ‘self-care box’ will give you the ultimate at home spa experience, right at your finger tips. The kit a Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bomb, Full Spectrum CBD Bath Salt Soak, Full Spectrum CBD Salt Scrub, and the Full Spectrum CBD Hand and Body Moisturizer. Shop the Self-Care Kit along with the rest of the clean cannabis collection in-store or directly through Pure + Planted's website.


Balance your mind and body with Onyx and Rose. Each product by Onyx and Rose is carefully curated with natural ingredients including CBD to cleanse your mental state while also benefiting your soul. The Onyx and Rose team is made up of health, wellness, and fitness experts dedicated to applying integrity, compassion, and a desire to help people through the goodness of high-quality CBD products. Onyx and Rose products are natural, organically grown hemp sourced from American farms that can improve wellness and bring balance back to your life. You can find everything from CBD oil, capsules, balm, bath bombs, and even pet products in the brand's diverse range of products. Made for nights you need a little more "you-time," the Overnight It Sleep Mask by Onyx and Rose will do all the work while you enjoy your beauty sleep. The mask is made with vegan and clean ingredients- guaranteed to make your skin feel super refreshed and smooth in the morning. Can’t get enough of Onyx and Rose? You can sign up for the company's Ritual + program to have products delivered every month with a 10% discount and free shipping.


Wellness is a way of life and not just a routine at Prospect Farms. Dive into a new journey with Prospect Farms’ organic CBD products made to help you live a clean and motivated life. Prospect Farms believes nature has a way of making the best solutions—simple, which is why the products are organically grown, harvested, and crafted by hand. Making time for yourself just got easier with the All Day Calm Bundle + Five Minute Journal set. The bundle includes Prospect Farm's full line of Awaken, Balance and Dream Tinctures in either Regular or Extra Strength.This ritual set will seamlessly elevate your lifestyle and give you the relaxation you're craving. Visit us in-store and discover more about this emerging brand while shopping its range of natural CBD products or shop the collection through Prospect Farm's website.


Elevate your self love routine this summer with Toastyy. This emerging female-founded, black-owned business focuses on empowering consumers through wellness and beauty with a special plant-based twist. The unique CBD line ranges from topicals to supplements making your beauty routine oh so chill and clean. The wellness brand aims to reduce stress by employing high-quality, lab-tested CBD, a THC-free calming agent. Moisturize your skin in and our with Toatyy's Hand & Body CBD Lotion. Formulated with full spectrum hemp oil, the hand & body lotion soothes and hydrates dryness, redness, and irritated skin, becoming an essential step in your routine. The Toastyy's wellness products are also non-GMO and 100% vegan so you will feel worry-free and confident everywhere you go. Visit us in-store to shop Toastyy’s interesting wellness line and be sure to shop the Jasmine CBD Bath Bomb (thank us later).


Candor is the most interesting CBD infused hair care brand. The female-founded brand is cruelty-free and made sulfate free, phthalate free, paraben free, artificial and fragrance free. Discover the fragrance free Honestly Good shampoo infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and stop by in-store to shop the hair care line while learning more about the locally-made brand. 


Introducing HOO RAA, a very interesting and unique CBD brand filled with products you didn't think you needed. The brands mantra is to experience a very vibrant life while focusing on a healthy lifestyle. The CBD collection ranges from bath salts to soothing sprays, all made to elevate your mood and get you flowing. The Simply the zest bath salts is made with natural ingredients like sea salt with avocado oil and citrus peels to give your skin the TLC it deserves. Discover more about HOO RAA and their diverse collection of CBD products here