Cancer Season Gift Guide 2022

It’s Cancer Season baby! If you’re lucky enough to know and love any of these emotionally deep and loyal water signs, browse our gift guide for something to get them to say “You really know me!!”


Folio’s book section will leave you absolutely speechless. They have everything from poetry to feminist fiction. Our Showfields pick for your Cancer bestie would be “Play as it Lays” by Joan Didion. There’s nothing a Cancer loves more than a thoughtful book selection.


Having unique pieces that not many people have will sound amazing to your BFF. Al the Rebel showcases rebellious jewelry for the adventurous soul that truly stands out. The “Hold on Tight!” necklace is a solid choice for getting it right!!


Creating a homey environment is something Cancers appreciate. Minot candles brings you all natural candles, designed to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere. The “I am Calm + Content” candle captures the essence of a Cancer home. 


A shoe that flaunts your remarkable personality is something to consider in your gift selection for your friend. The Real Jelly Collection by Melissa expresses being comfortable yet giving an effortless cool girl style. 


Rest & relaxation is crucial to any Cancers home routine. Wonderskin’s Facial Roller will energize your facial muscles, as the roller improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to give Cancers an invigorating facial glow.


The Rainbow Moonstone is a healing birthstone for Cancers. The Center of the Universe Moonstone Ring by Azura is the perfect gift and will give your friend the power of a new moon.