Interview with The
Co-Founder of Bride Brite

What problem is your brand solving? 

Bride Brite and other BRITE Brands Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits (Groom Glow and BRITEN) provide convenient, effective, sensitivity-free, at-home teeth whitening. 

What initially motivated you to launch Bride Brite?

Having a perfect BRITE smile was important to me… after all, I was marrying a dentist. When I first got engaged in 2019, I knew I wanted to look and feel my best for our special day. I tried whitening strips; however, my teeth were too sensitive to complete one session. The Bride Brite Wedding White Teeth Program was born less than a year later. 

What sets your brand apart from other competitors?

Our niche and proprietary sensitivity-free formula sets Bride Brite apart from our competitors. Our company was launched on our original wedding day. Our formula was crafted by a dentist for his bride. We stand behind our products and will always put our customers first. We value an effective, affordable, convenient, and sensitivity-free teeth whitening experience where our customers are supported every step of the way.

What is the KEY item everyone needs from your brand?

StayBRITE on-the-go teeth wipes belong in every purse, wallet, coffee shop, winery, bridal suite, gift bag, and more. These individually packaged wipes rid those red wine teeth stains and coffee-stained teeth the moment they occur. With StayBRITE wipes, you are picture-perfect wherever you go—time to kiss your red wine, lipstick, and coffee-stained teeth goodbye.    

Are there any new products you are super excited about (or any new updates from your brand you want to share)?

Though StayBRITE wipes are sold out, stay tuned because these on-the-go teeth wipes will be better than ever! If you love StayBRITE wipes now, wait until you try the new and improved formula coming later this year! 

What is your superpower?

Some call me a hype girl, and others the energizer bunny; I’d like to believe these go hand in hand. My superpower is my energy level paired with my positive attitude. The name Bride BRITE, also known as BRITE Brands, has dual meanings. Our motto is #StayBRITE because you can always find a reason to stay “bright” (def: cheerful liveliness). To any brides reading this, my biggest advice on your wedding day is to find a reason to smile, when something goes not according to plan. The extroverted, enneagram Type 7 in me will always find a reason to celebrate. If you need a hype girl, I’m your girl. I’m optimistic and excited to see what’s next for Bride Brite.