Behind The Rebrand: This is SHOWFIELDS’ Rebirth 

SHOWFIELDS is excited to present its latest electrifying and captivating campaign—It’s stimulating, It’s authentic, It’s a Rebirth. Visitors can anticipate to dive into atmosphere that blurs the line between reality and fantasy while experiencing the transformative culture of 2022 with each step. 

Get the inside scoop in this interview from our VP Creative Director, Samar Younes and discover why and how SHOWFIELDS’ new theme of renewed purpose and innovation manifests around the desire for living a more inspired, full, and layered life. 

What does ‘Rebirth’ mean to you? 

Rebirth is about new frontiers and innovation post a period of turmoil. It’s about re-thinking new systems, at the intersection of society, art, culture and health, giving birth to fresh ideas for a flourishing inclusive and thoughtful future.

How would you describe SHOWFIELDS current identity and what is the importance of this rebrand for current and prospective customers?

The rebranding, is more about a two year in-progress evolution of all Showfields brand’s codes, curatorial point-of-view and store design. We evolved our logo, we now have a much clearer defined point-of-view that is part fantasy and surreal, part digital & sci-fi, and part organic and hand-crafted now reflected across all our channels and manifesting through our digital and physical spaces. We are launching our seasonal curation Rebirth with a new store design reflecting our new aesthetic language in an energized retail concept setting intersecting shopping concepts, community programming and inspirational artistic experiences.

Since the “Rebirth” campaign focuses on new ideas, how does SHOWFIELDS plan on keeping the curations fresh and exciting? 

Rebirth is about the perpetuity of new ideas, and keeping things fresh is curating purpose centric brands across exciting categories and juxtaposing them through placement and programming, giving birth to new ways both the customer and the brand get to experience them. It’s also about bringing in those other layers, be it tech or other industry to keep creating a new perspective.

SHOWFIELDS has always prioritized community, how does its rebranding plan on building on that theme?

The new store design is built with community in mind, which means, the spaces are hubs for interaction, sampling and experiences first, shopping second. The shopping experience is fluid as opposed to static, and it’s immersed in storytelling around purpose and all what the Rebirth Theme is about.

SHOWFIELDS has been a huge pillar in NYC for years, did you find any resistance in pursuing the new concept?

With new things, there is always a reluctance from existing partners and collaborators as is always the case when introducing something new and unfamiliar. But overall, this dissipates once the concept is shared and understood! Everyone is super excited about this new direction.

What is one thing you hope resonates with the community from the Rebirth Campaign?

What I hope the most is that people seek refuge and find themselves heard and seen in this newly designed and curated space. I hope they feel good, inspired and connected and recognize how we built the curation theme around the daily lives of individuals, from sunrise, to sunset to dawn, as a way to closely connect with the community’s rhythm, and not the other way around.

Does the Rebirth Campaign include even more immersive experiences? What can visitors expect? 

Rebirth - yes it does! Mostly through architectural structures and a tighter thematic flow, across each floor. The first floor is about living, working and playing with day time rituals at sunrise, the second floor is about the art of self-care at home upon sunset, and the third floor is all about unleashing your alter ego, with the art of self-expression, upon dusk. 

How does the Rebirth campaign plan on catering to all age groups? 

We cater to all age groups by virtue of the curation approach and store design and not necessarily based on the particular curation, but we invite adults to be in touch with the child within and we invite kids to learn and discover in complete wonder.

2022 has already been filled with transformative culture— how does the campaign plan on capturing these changes? 

The Rebirth Campaign is exactly about transformation, it’s about looking at things with fresh eyes, thinking outside the box with an innovative mindset and catering to the lives of customers in an evolved way as a result of the past 3 years as reflected in every aspect of this campaign.

What is your favorite take away from the Rebirth Campaign and what are you most excited to see come to life?

I’m most excited about the structure of our new Art Gallery “ Futura” coming to life, a personal passion project, designed as a triumphant large scale sculpture in the image of an empowering female figure representing creativity and strength. I drew from the building history of 11 bond St, being both the very first Women led Animal hospital in the city and a women’s shelter. Also the building has a long history with art, with Basquiat’s tags discovered on the building’s walls during the building renovation a few years back. Inside the sculpture, it is transformed into an art gallery, co-curated for the Rebirth Campaign with French aperitif brand Lillet, featuring groundbreaking multi-disciplinary women artists in several mediums. It is the ultimate representation of Rebirth and re-imagining the future of things outside of the status quo.