Routines are one of the most important things to think about in your preparations for back to school. Ideally it would include being active in your day to day. While it is not always easy, it is always worth it! Shop the following brands to stay motivated in your fitness journey.


One of the most fun workouts we can think of is pickleball! So hurry and grab Wilson's Echo Pickleball Paddle and tennis balls and get to it!! There’s also NO processed sugar, nothing artificial, non-GMO. A win for us all!!


A cute little outfit for motivation never hurt anyone! Reprise Activewear is coming at you with their plant based activewear! We’re currently loving the Aspen Leggings and Aspen Sports Bra!


Want an indoor cycling experience you won’t forget? Look no further than Freebeat’s Lit Bike Classic. This bike creates a one of a kind journey with captivating aesthetics to add style to any home. 


Hydrow is changing the way we think about working out! You can now feel as if you are in the outdoors exploring while getting physically stronger! If you want to test it out, visit our New York store on 11 Bond St.


Obé is here for you when it comes to having a fun workout. Choose from over 8,000 workouts to find just the right one for you! OR join in for any of their live workouts. Try their 30-Day Free Trial asap!!


Who knows when you can fit your workout in during the day?! Well no matter when you choose to get your “active” on, Not Your Mother's will help get your hair back in its correct shape to go about the rest of your day. You’ll never look back with their Dry Shampoo!!