It’s back to school season and we are rounding up our favorite brands for the college kid. Grab any of these products to be fully prepared for your first semester!


Those dorm room beds will not dress themselves! Err on the side of affordable luxury bedding with Sijo Home’s AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover


Sensible AND fashionable shoe alert!!! Charles and Keith’s Joss Ankle-Strap Flatform Thong Sandals are perfect for the on the go student.


Now we all know that haircare isn’t your first priority in college (or at least we hope so LOL). However Aura Hair Care does all the heavy lifting for you! You simply take a quiz online and they send you a custom shampoo and conditioner that you can set up to be auto delivered every 3 months. Be sure to check out the full collection here.


With stress coming at you in all areas, you really can’t control how your body will feel or react. The Patch Brand’s Focus vitamin patch will allow you to fight off distractions and speed through that to-do list. 


When it comes to forming your college routine, you need something that is easy to throw on while also giving a polished look. d.RT has an assorted collection of just this, but our fav is the Itza Cargo Pant for that confidence boost with minimal effort. 


Another brand providing incredible loungewear would have to be none other than Playboy. In our Miami store only, we have incredible t-shirts, sweatshirts and MORE. Run!! Don’t Walk!


And the list keeps running for those comfy, cozy pieces. For DaysRe-New For Better Days Sweatshirt is one you’ll never want to get rid of!!


This goes out to all our college humans that deal with cleaning their nether-regions. While all their products are a must, you can never go wrong with Ballsy's Liquid Courage Hydrating Body Wash to make sure you’re squeaky clean.