How You Can Support Victims of The Surfside  Condo Collapse 

With the recent tragedy surrounding the collapse of the Champlain Towers condominium in Miami, SHOWFIELDS is partnering up with the Knight Foundation to aid and uplift victims and families who endured such devastating circumstances.

This fundraiser supports around Miami-based artists who are doing their part by selling their works of art and raising a relief fund for the victims. The works range from very unique photographs, prints, and paintings. Half of the proceeds from each piece sold will go toward the Support Surfside hardship fund, which provides immediate support and helps secure basic relief, housing, and mental health services to those impacted. The prices range from $80 to $28,000, making it possible for art lovers and supporters everywhere to pitch in and most of the artists have decided to donate all the proceeds from each sale to the relief fund.

Miami has received an unwavering amount of love and support during this time and SHOWFIELDS is committed to continuing that wave of support with this partnership and using our platform of mission-based artists for mission-based work. 

Proceeds from art sales will go to support families in need!

Amanda Madrigal is a Miami-based artists using her pieces to evoke nostalgia and deep ideas. She makes soft sculptures and mixed media installations using repurposed materials sourced from local Miami thrift stores, depicting bold colors and patterns. "As Above So Below" portrays an idea of spiritual awakening as the child depicted above is having a realization about his connection with nature and the interconnectedness of all life on earth. "Ana Wearable Friend"is wearable art and inspired by Amanda's work “Imaginary Friends." This wearable artwork is one-of-a-kind and handmade using re-purposed doll clothes, socks, and assorted fabric. Discover more of her interesting art work, here.

Laura Marsh is a textile artist that focuses her pieces on immersive environments and captivating culture. Each piece is carefully made to depict social mottos and her work includes textures such as caves, flags, and weavings. Read more about Marsh discover some of our favorite pieces, here.

Manuel Angarita portrays unattainable ideas into pieces that expresses surreal imagery and a full escape from reality. As seen above, Angarita uses mixed media as a juxtaposition of thoughts that have online freedom and offline challenges. Shop more from his collection of interesting artwork, here

Alissa Alfonso creates art through repurposing unique textures and materials. Alfonso honors our world by incorporating natural mixes into her pieces that reflect both the abundance and waste characteristic of modern life. Read more about Alfonso and her work, here

Camilo Rojas is a multidisciplinary designer and art director living and creating in Miami, FL. Rojas uses traditional graphic design elements with typography, art, and experiential design to create compelling projects. His works of art evolve in response to a given situation or environment. LEDs, mirrors, vinyl, neon, paint, found objects, mattresses, syringes, cigarettes and yarn are just some of the materials used to inspire and enlighten. Discover our favorite pieces from the collection, here

Judith Berk King portrays curious zoological and botanical structures through the medium of art. The objects created live somewhere in the present or may exist in the future and the style of work may be contemporary or recall the work of scientific illustrators of the past, transcending time. King invites viewers to use their imagination and transcend into a different world through her pieces. Read more about King and discover more of her original pieces, here

For more information on the fundraiser and the pieces of art mentioned above, click here

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