An Introduction to Charlie Holiday Featuring Brand Founder, Pete de Gail

What is the inspiration behind the brand, Charlie Holiday?

PdG: Australians generally have a big thirst for travelling, both domestically and overseas. I guess we see ourselves as so far away from the rest of the world that we prioritise travel in and around study and work.

Founded in 2018, Charlie Holiday drew inspiration from my travels, I wanted to create an Australian resort wear brand that could have a bit of fun in the ready-to-wear apparel and swimwear fashion space.

 ‘Holiday’ is the literal part of the brand name, with our focus on resortwear, while ‘Charlie’ represents our vibrant Australian identity.

Charlie Holiday inspires confidence and femininity. The collections embody effortless style, blending timeless silhouettes with modern sophistication. Our designs are versatile, taking you seamlessly from day to night, from beach to bar, while our loungewear collections merge comfort and style.

Is there a mission at the core of who Charlie Holiday is?

PdG: Our mission is to create beautiful and feminine swim and resort wear – for vacay and every day.

How does CH stand out from the rest of vacation wear brands?

PdG: We design in-house, creating unique pieces and developing original prints in diverse fabrics and textures, while always striving to minimise our impact on the environment. Each season we work with Australian graphic and textile designers to develop our exclusive custom prints. We love supporting local talent and nurturing emerging designers.

We’ve been thrilled to introduce the use of recycled fibres in our swim collections, which marks a key turning point in our sustainability journey. Made from 76% recycled polyester and 24% spandex, the fabric feels luxurious while minimising waste, so it’s kinder to the earth.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also have a strong social conscience. For every purchase you make from Charlie Holiday, we will donate $1 to your chosen charity, through the platform many of Australia’s leading retailers support, i=Change ( You can also track your impact with 100% transparency. 

What excites you most about being in Showfields?

PdG: Partnering with a like-minded retailer that’s all about experiences is a great opportunity for us. Both companies also value art and sustainability in equal parts, and we absolutely love that.

The location is also very exciting for our brand! Miami lives and breathes the iconic endless summer, so it’s a destination for modern travellers and those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

If someone is new to your brand - what's the first thing you'd suggest they try?

PdG: Just one?! It’s a choice between one of our signature maxi dresses, our chic apparel sets, or a classic tri bikini.

What is next for CH? Anything exciting on the horizon?

PdG: Begins with Miami Swim and ends with Week! Stay tuned… ☺