An Introduction into CBD Featuring Onyx + Rose 

This week we have the pleasure of introducing another one of our CBD brands featured in our CBD Lounge in Showfields NY, Onyx + Rose. While sitting down with the Director of Marketing for Onyx + Rose, Hilary Combs, we learned just how easy and useful incorporating CBD in our lives is. Check out the interview below for insight on why you should try out this exciting brand!

What was your motivation in starting Onyx + Rose?

HC: Onyx + Rose started at a time where there was a lot of excitement about CBD, but also a lot of noise and confusion. Our goal was always to create a brand people could trust that was easily accessible and offered unparalleled quality and transparency. We’ve been lucky to have Katy Hearn as a founder, who is known for her impressive knack for building brands such as Alani Nu. With Katy’s commitment to building brands that she loves and uses herself combined with a passion for hemp, Onyx + Rose has grown into the brand that it is today. 

What is unique about Onyx + Rose's CBD products?

HC: We see our products through from start to finish through every step of the process. When you shop Onyx + Rose products, you can expect unparalleled quality that you can trust. We create thoroughly crafted formulas for products that will become your holy grail. We also make sure that the packaging will add joy to your every day and give you peace of mind with third-party lab reports.

When it comes to our skincare products, we’re really proud of the formulas you’ll find in our product line. These are expertly crafted skincare products that have CBD, but also feature an impressive range of ingredients that will help your skin be balanced, radiant, and youthful. If you’re a skincare enthusiast like us, you’ll recognize some serious heavy hitters in our ingredient lists such as hyaluronic acid, rice bran extract, phytoplankton, and more. Every single product in this line is holy grail worthy; it’s something you just have to feel and experience!

Where do you source your products from?

HC: We prioritize utilizing hemp that is domestic and organically grown in all of our products. All of our products come with access to third-party lab reports so that our customers can have peace of mind about the products they take as part of their daily wellness rituals.

Is there something you do that none of your competitors do?

HC: We’re constantly on the lookout for new + and innovative ways to harness the plant power of cannabinoids. Whether it's in skincare, pet products, or new offerings to our wellness line, we stay on the lookout for ways to help people incorporate cannabinoids into their everyday life. We may have started with CBD, but our product line now also includes CBN, and CBG, and we’re excited for other additions that could come down the road. We also make it a point to create products that are visually appealing so that you’ll want to keep them out on your countertop because who doesn’t love a good shelfie?

How has CBD wellness changed in your opinion?

HC: When the industry first became popular, there was a lot of noise and a huge influx of brands popping up. Several years later, a lot of those brands don’t exist anymore. The initial buzz may have died down, but now we’re among the group in this for the long haul. Every passing year also shows more promise for CBD when it comes to legislation that could change the game when it comes to cannabinoids and everything they have to offer. 

Why should people who have never tried your product, consider it?

HC: You never know how much you’ll love something until you try it! It takes several weeks to start a new habit, and for most people to notice the results they’re looking for, we really encourage people to make CBD a part of their daily wellness routine. Whether you’re looking to get deeper rest, have more productive mornings, or give your complexion a glow-up, there’s something for you from Onyx + Rose.

What is Onyx + Rose doing next that you are most excited about? 

HC: Keep an eye out for new gummy offerings and seasonal flavors of our best-selling CBD oils! We aim to keep things fun + fresh with new product rollouts that get our customers excited. There’s always something new in the works at O+R, so give us a follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest.