How Incorporating CBD Products Into My Daily Routine Changed My Life: A Day With Ned

Ned is on a mission to help people feel better using natural, fresh ingredients and SHOWFIELDS is highlighting what a day with natural CBD products looks like. Each and every product by Ned is locally-made and cruelty-free; the sustainable brand has a range of goods from Hemp oils, natural blends, and supplements.

The unique range of products easily fit into your daily routine and make the perfect addition to your lifestyle. From morning regimens to nightly must-haves, keep reading and discover how Ned products seamlessly blend into your lives while having a positive, natural, and sustainable impact on your mind and body. 

Morning Routine

For those who prioritize morning routines as much as we do, using products that are multi-beneficial, natural, and refreshing is incredibly important. Along with my favorite moisturizer and serum, the NED Hemp Infused Body Butter is a holy grail. Having an early morning with not enough sleep can dry out and cause dull skin, which is a major set back. This hemp infused body butter does all the work for you and your skin. Made for all skin types, NED created this stimulating cream guaranteed to revive and support pain relief with natural ingredients that awaken the cannabinoid system and stimulate blood flow. Reducing everything from dry skin, sore muscles, and texture, you could call the Hemp Infused Body Butter by NED the jack of all trades. It’s rich, silky formula and timeless scent will keep your body and mind wanting more. The packaging is small and convenient, making it the perfect addition to your travel suitcase and on-the-go bag.

Discover more about this interesting body butter here and visit in-store to try the product out for yourself. 

Afternoon "Pick Me Up"

For afternoon crashes and hectic schedules, the Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is the perfect daily remedy. Afternoons can be tricky—I start craving a nap in the middle of completing my to-do list. I turned to Ned’s hemp oil to spot the difference in my mood, energy, and stress levels. The results are just as quick as it is to use. Ned’s Hemp Oil is made with the most natural, pure, potent ingredients, and crafted from hemp flowers grown organically on a small, independent farm in Paonia, Colorado. After getting in touch with my mind and body, I noticed a shift in my stress levels—I felt less anxious and more willing to complete my tasks without getting distracted or exhausted. These drops are definitely a daily must-have for me. If you struggle with anxiety, restless nights, and even body pain—-the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil will be the most beneficial product in your lifestyle. Discover more about the product here

No More Restless Nights 

Unlike most sleep remedies, Ned’s Sleep Blend has a unique formula that puts you to sleep comfortably and wakes you up fully rested and refreshed for the day. As someone who’s struggled with getting a full night's rest, I’ve had my fair share trying many sleep aids. From melatonin, doctor visits, and even warm baths before bed—nothing seemed to put my racing mind to rest. The natural formula in Ned’s Sleep Blend had me hooked from the beginning; Sleep Blend is a natural path to deeper sleep. The tincture blends CBN, a powerful cannabinoid that promotes sleep, and 750mg of full spectrum CBD from the purest single source hemp flower extract, with organic and wildcrafted botanicals used in traditional medicine. For you or anyone you know who might struggle with sleeping well, this sleep blend should be a staple remedy in everyone’s nightly routine.