10 Emerging Brands to Ring in The New Year With

This past year was filled with moments of gratitude, realization, and of course—togetherness. With 2022 approaching quicker than we think, SHOWFIELDS is ringing in the new year by celebrating unity and everything this season has to offer.

Get into the spirit of ‘what’s to come’ and discover these very interesting, celebratory, and mission driven small businesses that will make perfect additions to the new year and new you.


Fable’s sustainably crafted tableware will bring life to your home and the planet. The brand focuses on ethical practices and modern aesthetics to inspire togetherness at the table for days to come. The Serving Essentials Set has everything you need to host a seasonal dinner party or dinner for one. The sleek designs will add the perfect touch to your dining table and each ceramic is organically shaped, one-of-a-kind, and hand-finished in Portugal. Shop more from the collection of tableware here.


Since this season is all about discovering new things and prioritizing yourself, The Good Patch has you covered, (literally). The Good Patch is a female-founded brand that was created with the idea of; when the people around you feel good, life is more beautiful. The brand offers patches with purely plant-based ingredients, and patches with organically farmed industrial Hemp. Unwind after a long night of celebrations and add the Relax patch infused with easygoing, tried and true plant-based ingredients to your nightly routine. Shop more from the collection of patches here.


Made for the on-the-go lifestyle, Nori is a female-founded brand with a focus on clothing care for the next generation. The brand’s mission is to highlight minimalism, convenience, and personal confidence by starting with, yup—wrinkles. If you’re headed to a last minute soirée, the Nori premier wrinkle-removal will have you out the door in no time. The product is designed to press, steam and refresh your clothes with ease. The best part? No board, leakage or headaches included. Now you’ll be making an appearance fashionably but never late. Shop the Premier Wrinkle Remover and read more about Nori, here


HVS Home is a minority, female-founded one-stop-shop brand that includes everything from self-care to statement decor. This brand encompasses a collection of “vibes” made to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle with a benefit to you and the community. HVS prioritizes empowerment and unity by creating HVS Cares, a charity initiative to help fulfil our mission of leaving a positive impact on our society. Ring in the new year with the Luxury Tic-Tac-Toe. This one-of-a-kind tic-tac-toe board game is the perfect conversation piece. With its reflective sleek design, it adds flair to any room. Shop more from the HVS collection and discover how you can give back to the community, here


Time to replace your daily “so last year” handbag with Songmont. This sustainable, sleek, and timeless handbag brand incorporates eastern cultural aesthetics, femininity, and craftsmanship through its leather goods. The collection features a range of very stylish pieces in various colors made to create carriers of memories with temperature and to empower and celebrate all forms of timeless beauty. Available in various colors, the Wonton Bag by Songmont will become your new obsession. Inspired by traditional Asian food: wonton and dumplings, the Wonton bag represents true Asian aesthetic and makes for a unique statement with all your looks. Shop the collection of chic handbags and read more about Songmont and its mission here


Indulge in rich flavor and endless love with Naked Chocolate. Inspired by different romantic stages in life, this female-founded brand focuses on pausing and taking in everything life has to offer. Gift, share, or take a piece of Naked Chocolate while creating memories and meaningful connections. The Dark Chocolate With Guava will transport you back to every sweet moment in your life while getting you excited for whats to come. Made with Guava, the Caribbean's exotic fruit, this one-of-a-kind flavor will drown your taste buds in epic flavor and have you wanting more. Discover the collection of unique chocolates and read more about Naked Chocolate's mission here


Discover The Most Interesting stationary brand that strives to bring back the love for high-end and hand written branding. Clementina Sketchbook is a female-founded brand with a collection of unique paper products, ranging from stationery, events, wall-art, branding and more. Highlighting the meaning and connection behind written gifting, Clementina Sketchbook values the gestures that come with it, and showing how it can be used in cool and fun ways. Add a warm touch to your dinner tables by writing your guests’ names among the sun-soaked Christmas Place Cards, printed by Clementina herself. Shop more from the unique collection of stationary items here


Quench your resolutions with Boisson. This emerging, vegan brand is your one-stop-shop for non-alcoholic drinks with all the fun and no hangovers. Offering only the brands they believe are the best, the collection features a variety of plant-based drinks for a judgement-free time. The Leiz Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine is a refreshing sparkler with cool, red fruits and lean mineralogy. The sparkling rosé is 100% pinot noir and the grapes macerate for 6 hours prior to pressing. The CO2 really balances out the residual sugar, making it appear drier and just like wine! Shop our favorite sips from the Boission collection here


Sip on the magic of plant-based mocktails with Little Saints. This vegan brand is on a mission to create non-alcoholic, plant-based drinks formulated to lift consciousness and evoke feelings of joy. Little Saints is a female-founded, sugar-free, and CBD focused company that highlights life's epic moments and celebrates femininity with every drink. Are you looking for a non-alcoholic way to achieve that Moscow Mule experience? Look no further. The Ginger Mule by Little Saints is an all natural, sugar free and plant-based version of your favorite mule. The drink is powered by fast-acting, clean, nano-emulsified CBD, uplifting botanical terpenes, and Reishi mushroom extract. The Ginger Mule is made to make you feel great naturally without feeling high. Visit us in-store to shop the Ginger Mule and other magic mocktails by Little Saints. 


Departo was created with the intention of supporting and inspiring the nomad life. Each product from the Departo collection was specifically made with minimalism and convenience in mind--making it easy to travel through life's journey. The pieces are designed from a mindset of movement; from a constantly evolving home to new discoveries. Discover a chair that supports every move and step you take; the Folding Chair by Departo was made with simplicity where accessible materials meet dynamic design. Easy to use and easy to store away, the Folding Chair will be your number one companion on all your adventures. Shop the chair and other sleek products by Departo here


Haven't you heard? Coffee is so last year. Discover ACTA, an emerging POC-founded brand on a mission to revolutionize mornings (and every pick-me-up moment) for good. Made with natural ingredients such as Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, Natural Tea Extract and L-Theanine - the unique formula has over twice the Natural Caffeine and L-Theanine of regular matcha tea. ACTA guarantees the wakefulness of coffee and enhanced focus with every sip...and the best part? no jitters and no crash. Time to ditch that 'cup of joe' and upgrade your lifestyle with ACTA. Read more about the brand's mission and shop the incredibly functional matcha here