6 Useful Eco-Friendly Products to Help You Go Green This Summer 

Becoming mindful shoppers and transitioning into more sustainable habits are some of the best things we, as consumers, can do for our planet. Taking a daily eco-conscious approach to things such as writing your grocery list on recycled paper or using reusable bags are all steps to reducing waste and shrinking your carbon footprint on the environment. 

Since this season is all about fresh starts and Memorial Day is right around the corner, its time give your routine the detox it needs and replace some of your daily staples into sustainable items. We pulled together a list of eco-friendly products from brands we admire that are guaranteed to help you begin a greener lifestyle. 

Give yourself and our planet a leg up and shop some of the most interesting, useful green products below. 

Plastic Free Tote Bag, Aya Paper Co.

Stylish, bold, and eco-friendly? Count us in! Aya Paper Co.'s plastic free tote bag is everything you need to go green. This bag is 100% plastic-free, sturdy, and incredibly beneficial. Whether its used for grocery shopping, to carry your laptop ,or just used to run errands- this chic tote will be the perfect fit for all your daily needs. Aya Paper Co.'s mantra is to celebrate people and their collection is filled with happy goods that are fitting for any occasion and great for our planet. Shop our favorite pieces from their collection here

Wunderbar Stain Stick 

Lipstick, coffee, and food stains have met its match. Or should we say clash? The Wunderbar Stain Stick will become a staple in your house hold for all your messes, big or small. This unique stain remover is a coconut-based soap stick that can be used to pre-treat all kinds of stains, from yellowing pits to oily smudges. Not only does it work for stains like oil, makeup, food, soil, and (even poop!), this one of a kind product is also non-toxic, biodegradable and fragrance-free. Making it the perfect go-to for all your needs while also helping our planet. Celsious is known for their sustainable garment care line that is formulated free of dyes, preservatives, and bleaches. Check out more of their products here

Silicone SeaStraws

This colorful, fun, and eco-friendly pack of silicone straws is one of the best ways to show the planet you care. SeaStraws Co believes in small actions that add up and inspire a wave of impact. Their products are all made to last, reduce waste, and perfectly align with your everyday tasks. The silicone straws are 9.75 inches, eco-friendly, and helpful for the disabled community as they have amazing flexibility too! The pack also comes with a cleaning tool and woven bag. You can discover more of their sustainable products here

Sweater Pill Remover 

Brush away piles and fuzz in seconds with the Sweater Pill remover by Celsious. This convenient tool is made of up-cycled car windshield glass and works on almost all garments. The portable design stores in your bag and makes for a quick and easy fix wherever you go. Say bye-bye to temporary lint rollers and hello to the Sweater Pill Remover that is guaranteed to last up to 10 years. Celsious is garment care line that is non-toxic and formulated free of dyes, bleaches and preservatives. The brand aims to lessen the footprint of laundry day, while transforming the industry. Read more about Celsious and its mission here

Premium 3-Ply-100% Bamboo Toilet Paper-Double Length Rolls

The Bamboo Toilet Paper by Who Gives A Crap might just be at the top of our list. This 100% recycled toilet paper will be incredibly useful to you, but it is definitely helping our planet out even more. Think of it as a win-win situation; the paper has no inks, dyes or scents and made with pure bamboo, making it the softest wipe ever. Who Gives A Crap lives on the motto of creating toilet paper in the most ethical way that is good for your bum and great for the world. The brand's goal? Is to ensure everyone has access to a toilet by 2050. Discover more of Who Gives A Crap's products here & give your bum the "wipe" it deserve.


Indulge in a greener lifestyle while enjoying a beautiful design in the process. ONE by KOR water is the most interesting and useful bottle on our radar and it should be on yours too. The bottle is easy to use and will become a daily staple. The unique multi-faceted frame was designed for easy travel, to minimize splashing, and also act as an infusion for your favorite fruity drinks. The bottle is BPA free its thread-less spout makes for a happy drink and comfortable hold. KOR delivers design-driven water bottles that aim to help our planet with BPA free products and sustainable filters. Read about about KOR and discover our favorite products here