6 Unique LGBTQ Brands to Support During Pride 2021 and Beyond 

This past year was eye opening to say the least. With protests, injustices, and a global pandemic- our world adapted to a new norm. Nonetheless, there is one thing we can all give and take during these unprecedented times and that is showcasing wholehearted support. Supporting groups of people, a race, and a friend helped us all get through last year and SHOWFIELDS strongly believes in continuing to uphold that idea during Pride Month and every single day after it. 

Pride 2021 seems to be coming out with a bang. With post-pandemic flutter and vaccine rollouts, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate in person and nothing says support like standing together side by side, advocating for peace and love. Amongst the celebrations, this year will also be filled with petitions, protests, and educating oneself and others. 

If you are pondering ways to contribute to Pride month and serve as a pillar for the queer community, SHOWFIELDS created a small shop-able guide filled with LGBTQ businesses that are doing their part to push for equality. Discover and support some of the most interesting queer-owned brands that are pushing the envelope and making waves below. #WeStandTogether

Queer Candle Co.

Queer Candle Co. is not only known for its organically made candles and naturalesque presentation, the brand also strives to serve as a safe community for all queers. By creating each candle in small batches, Queer Candle Co. takes pride in the phrase "made with love," as each and every one of the products is thought out and carefully curated. The brand has a range of refreshing scents including lemon, rose, and jasmine. Building the foundation on love and support and dismissing the idea of being a business makes Queer Candle Co. at the top of our list of LGBTQ brands to support this Pride. Read about the brand's goal and discover more candle scents, here

Prince Peacock

If you're looking for a timeless jewelry brand that is not only ethical but also inclusive, look no further. Prince Peacock is one of the most interesting brands that stands for equality and sustainably made pieces, including researching zero-waste packaging as well as using vintage dead stock parts in the jewelry-making process. Prince Peacock is highly involved in the queer community as twenty percent of the sales go to supporting performers and producers at drag, cabaret, and burlesque shows. The brand stands for inclusivity as each jewelry piece is thoughtfully made for ALL by offering clip-ons, surgical steel, and other options for those who need it. Shop more from Prince Peacock's collection of unique pieces, here


MUXE combines the statements of streetwear and equality into one. The brand strives to inform and educate communities on social injustices, inequality, and LGBTQ+ issues through the world of fashion. MUXE aims to provide a community to all queers by creating streetwear clothing pieces with bold messages that captivate a sense of belonging to all who wear it. The brand's mantra is one of perseverance and determination as the pieces in their collection stand up for the queer community with messages of confidence and inclusivity. MUXE wants to serve as a constant reminder to little queer kids that you are “cool” and it will get better, but you have to keep fighting for equality. Read more about the brand and support its mission, here

Stuzo Clothing

Inspired by people, love, and life, Stuzo Clothing is on a mission to create a space in the fashion world filled with no judgment. The brand is gender free and welcomes all by incorporating fluid clothing pieces with bold and intriguing statements. Stuzo also advocates for our earth by using ethical practices and sustainable fabrics. The unique collection includes hats, pants, and hoodies. You can shop some of our favorite pieces from Stuzo Clothing, here

Play Out Apparel

Play Out Apparel was created on the idea of shopping by style and not gender. The brand stands for inclusivity by creating underwear and athleisure for every kind of person and dismissing the idea of labels. Each piece is carefully made with style and the queer community in mind by incorporating bright colors and unique patterns that can fit every type of aesthetic. Play Out Apparel is extremely passionate about helping communities in need, the brand donates 20% of net profits to LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter nonprofit organizations. Discover and shop more pieces from the driven collection, here

Aya Paper Co.

Aya Paper Co. believes in celebrating people by illustrating moments on greeting cards and gifts. The brand honors Pride Month by releasing a one-of-a-kind greeting card that was designed by Ania Nicole Cotton to depict the joy of annual Pride celebrations around the world. Aya Paper Co.'s foundation is all about sustainability and helping our planet. It has a range of products starting from greeting cards to recycled tote bags. Read more about Aya Paper Co.'s mission, here